Prince Harry, Megan Merkel was not ‘cut’ from the presence of the Jubilee Veranda

The world is celebrating Platinum Jubilee Queen Elizabeth. Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel Will be on hand for the festivities, but you won’t see them waving from the Buckingham Palace balcony. Some believe that Sussex has been cut off from the ceremony, but this is not the case. Here’s what’s really going on.

Only Royal working

When Elizabeth swings to thousands of Britons, she is expected to do so along with fellow senior members of the royal family. Prince Charles and Prince William should be there, but the royal family has made it clear who will not be. Elizabeth ordered that only members of the royal family working on the porch be allowed.

In practice, it appears that three people were deliberately cut off from the porch: Merkel and Harry and Prince Andrew, both Americans. Andrew is an insult to the royal family because of his connection to Jeffrey Epstein. He settled a serious pedophilia civil case out of court earlier this year. Elizabeth stood beside him at Prince Philip’s Thanksgiving, but he will be absent from this great stage.

Prince Harry Wanted Out

Contrary to rumors, Harry and Merkel were not excluded from the show. In an interview with Dr. Yahoo News, The search for freedom Co-author Omid Scooby says Sussex actually came up with the idea. It was decided that Harry would “talk to his grandmother about the possibility of not joining Trooping the Color.”

Harry and Merkel also thought it would be “inappropriate” to stand on the porch because they were no longer members of the royal family, and the royal family agreed. This is significant. Critics in Sussex have taken this verandah moment as evidence of Harry and Merkel’s loss and conflict. If this royal source is to be believed, and we know that Scooby has insights with close friends in Sussex, then everyone is on the same page.

Spotlight for Elizabeth

A self-fulfilling prophecy is happening across the media landscape. Hateful stories are being told about how Merkel and Harry will divert all attention from Elizabeth during her victory celebrations. In reality, Harry and Merkel are sleeping in Fragmore’s cottage. They probably won’t have a big presence on the weekends.

There are hundreds of nine dozen events honoring Elizabeth throughout the UK. You have to really try and be annoyed because some people choose to fly for it. It is hoped that Elizabeth’s meeting with Lilibet Diana will lead to some clever photographs.

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