Prince Harry’s biographer has blasted Prince William for allegedly leaking information

When it comes to the relationship Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel And the rest of the royal family, it seems, is one step ahead, two steps back. Royal biographer Omid Scooby Recently slammed Prince William The brothers are still leaking about the rocky relationship.

Scooby criticizes William’s recent profile for focusing on Harry

William’s 40th birthday meant more celebration for the royal family, and part of the celebration was a Daily message Profile of the heir to the throne. “Spread over several pages, it promises to reveal the true story of a king, thanks to the generous contributions of those close to William,” Scooby wrote in an op-ed about the situation.

“Sharing intimate details about a royalist like William, or speaking out on his behalf, usually only happens with explicit permission,” he explained. “My experience with the Duke of Cambridge is that the tight circle of his friends will only speak after consent from the man. In the past, those who have not received such approval have found themselves in deep trouble.”

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While Scooby said he expected quotes about William’s plans and his ongoing eco-friendly projects when he takes over the throne, the article was actually about his relationship with Harry.

“Instead of hearing more about the Duke’s ambitious environmental plans, we were told in detail by close sources that William thinks that Prince Harry has ‘gone over 100 percent’ by talking openly about his struggles within the family,” Scooby continued. “Instead of sharing how William is preparing for his role as Prince of Wales and taking over the Duchy of Cornwall, we have heard from William’s closest and dearest how his brother was ‘sucked into an alien world’. [in California]… And here is everything [William] You can do it. ‘

William’s ‘hypocritical’ anger with Harry over sharing personal details

Although Scooby acknowledges that tensions remain between William and Harry, he does not seem to be “allergic to the drama” because his friends still quote him about how angry he is with his younger brother.

“From a public relations standpoint, Prince William’s birthday milestone was the perfect opportunity to draw a picture of a person focused on preparing for a big job,” Scooby explained. “Last but not least, he’s got the job done ৷ but instead, readers are presented with the hypocritical story of how horrible it is for Harry to talk publicly about his experience থেকে from William to Britain’s most read tabloid.”

Whether you side with Harry or William in the royal conflict, Scooby is undoubtedly right. By allowing stories of his frustration and anger with Harry to unfold, many feel it makes William look small and unable to compromise. The closer he gets to the throne, the more many wonder why the prince is still the title of the family drama.

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