Prince William uses ‘Jubilee Chat’ on Netflix show to ‘warn’ Harry,

After months of speculation, it has finally been confirmed Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel The Queen will travel to the UK to celebrate Platinum Jubilee. Many are thrilled to see the couple join the royal family, but palace insiders say Prince William “Warning” about his brother’s upcoming visit.

Why worry about William Harry’s tour

Over the years, William and Harry have had their ups and downs, and the issues between the brothers are still tense. Some of this is due to comments made during their infamous interviews with Harry and Merkel Oprah.

The prince is said to be deeply hurt by allegations of racism in his brother’s family and Kate Middleton’s claim that Kate Middleton made him cry. With this upcoming tour, a royal insider has complained that William worried Harry would promote more dirty laundry.

“William wants to talk to Harry to try to fix the rift between them but he’s afraid it could find a way to Netflix, Oprah or Harry’s upcoming book,” the source said. They further added that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were concerned that Harry and Merkel might perform a “stunt” during their visit and divert attention from Queen Elizabeth.

Will Harry and Meghan pull a promotional ‘stunt’ while in the UK?

Royal biographer Tom Bauer says, “William would think that Harry and Megan would pull a stunt to try to get the limelight. Kate and William would be foolish not to be suspicious and it would be wise not to be alert.

While many are on the side of these royal experts and expect some promotional stunts from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, this seems unlikely. The couple met the Queen with a little fanfare on their way to the Netherlands for this year’s Invictus Games.

William and Charles think Harry and Meghan ’caused nothing but chaos’

After all, Harry and Merkel plan to keep a low profile while in the UK For example, they will not join the rest of the royal family for the Trooping of the Color on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Also, although William cannot greet his brother and sister-in-law with open arms, Queen Elizabeth seems more than happy to have the couple by her side. According to a report, the Queen actually wanted the couple to be on the porch with the rest of the royal family, but William and Prince Charles spoke out.

“They feel that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have done nothing but chaos since their endless conversations and interviews cast a shadow over the royal family and left for America,” the source said. “They think they’re a big, happy family, like Harry and Meghan acting smiling and waving to the crowd from the porch.”

William and Charles may not be happy to see Harry and Merkel, but the rest of the world, including Queen Elizabeth, seems excited to see the couple reunite with the rest of the royal family.

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