Princess Beatrice is feeling betrayed by the royal family after becoming Eugenie

Is Princess Beatrice And Princess Eugenie Feeling cheated? A report said the pair were dissatisfied because they had been dropped Queen ElizabethIts Platinum Jubilee. Gossip Cop Investigates

Royal family ‘thrown into chaos’

According to WHOBeatrice and Eugenie voice their frustration after being cut off from the porch of Buckingham Palace. The famous balcony wave is set to take place and will only include the inner circle of the royal family. A source said, “which has stalled for Bia and Eugene … they love their grandmother very much and think they are being unjustly punished for their father’s mistake.”

Prince Andrew has humiliated the royal family because of his association with Jeffrey Epstein, so he will not be allowed on the porch, nor will Prince Harry and Megan Merkel. Family drama threatens to ruin special events. Presumably, Elizabeth’s health weakens everything. “There is a real fear that he will not be good enough to attend his own birthday, which will be incredibly sad,” the source concluded.

Where’s the line?

Elizabeth has eight grandchildren. Only one, Prince William, heir to the throne, will be on the porch next to the Queen during the porch waves. The story makes a point of quoting Andrew and Harry, but it does not mention, say, Prince Edward’s baby Lady Lewis or James. Eugene and Beatrice have a lot in common with them in this scene: there’s just plenty of royalty and not everyone can stay on the porch.

It is entirely possible that Eugene and Beatrice were hurt, but there is no evidence of this anywhere. The story works in such a way that they express annoyance and ruin the celebration of Elizabeth, but no one says anything about it. Not a big social media user in the first place. Beatrice and Eugenie were never in the “inner circle” of the royal family, so it should come as no surprise.

Princess Beatrice rumors

The tabloids are desperately trying to make dramas with princesses. A few months ago Women’s Day Claimed that Beatrice and Eugenie had a big fall. They did. Before that, New ideas Announced that Eugene and his sister had a public showdown. It just didn’t happen, because there was no public outcry between the two.

For WHO, It presumably broke the story about Meghan Merkel’s $ 554,000 baby shower. How does it get such a precise figure? Well, it’s made. There was no real evidence of this, just as there was no real evidence of this in the vicinity of the wrath of Eugene and Beatrice. Both princesses will be in England for the festivities and will no doubt find a way to honor their grandmother even if it is not on the verandah.

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