Princess Charlene of Monaco finally addresses rumors of Prince Albert’s divorce

Rumors are spreading about it Princess Charlene And Prince Albert Monaco, from reports of his infidelity to his long absence from Monaco. The princess addressed the rumors of divorce in a recent interview Monaco-Matin.

The disappearance of the princess

Charlene spent most of last year in her native South Africa after falling ill while traveling there. Many were shocked to see how long he had been away from Monaco and his family during the recovery.

Once the princess was well enough to travel, she did not return to Monaco immediately. Instead, he spent some time at a health clinic in Switzerland. Both he and Albert have kept the nature of his illness quite unclear, but both have strongly denied that they are parting ways.

Charlene called the divorce rumors “corrupt.”

When asked about the rumors, Charlene said, “I still find it sad that some media spread such rumors about my life, my relationship. Like everyone else, we are human beings, and like all human beings we have emotions and weaknesses, only our family media. Is exposed and a slight weakness is revealed. “

“We are [she and Albert] These malicious articles were discussed together and she did everything she could to protect me and our children, “Princess continued, then addressed those who supported her.” I am very happy to be back home in Monaco and with my family, “she concluded. “I received a lot of positive and warm messages when I was away from Monaco and I thank them for their support.”

Prince Albert: ‘He did not go into exile’

Albert also spoke publicly about the rumors, he says People“[Charlene] Didn’t leave Monaco! He didn’t leave because he was mad at me or anyone else. He was going to South Africa to re-evaluate his foundation’s work and spend some time with his brother and some friends. “

“It simply came to our notice then [sinus] Infections, all these medical complications occur, ”he continued. “She is OK. It was a medical problem that needed to be addressed. “

Asked if the breakup rumors affected the couple, Prince replied, “Of course, it affects him. Of course, it affects me. Misreading the facts is always harmful. We are a simple target, easy hit, because we are in the public eye.” “

Fans of the Monegasque royal family are happy to hear that the couple will not part ways soon, and wish Charlene all the best for her recovery from her health problems.

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