Princess Charlotte’s grandmother will get part of the history of Princess Diana

There are many benefits to being a princess, from attending fancy parties to living in a castle. One of those benefits is the stunning jewelry that members of the royal family can wear Princess Charlotte Some great pieces are inherited from his grandmother, Princess Diana.

Spencer Tear’s family history

There are all kinds of beautiful jewelry that Charlotte can wear, from a diamond necklace to a gold ring. However, one of the most famous pieces is Spencer Tiara. It was worn by Diana on her wedding day in 1981.

Diana’s sister, Baroness Jane Fellows, and Lady Sarah McCorcodel also wore tiaras on their wedding day. It was inherited by their father, Earl John Spencer, in the mid-seventies.

Spencer Tiara is currently on display at the Sotheby’s Auction House in London as part of their Power and Image: Royal and Aristocratic Tiara exhibition. According to them, Tiara will inherit Princess Charlotte.

Sotheby’s claims Tiara will go to Princess Charlotte

“Princess Diana wore it to her wedding, Spencer Tiara is one of the most famous diadems in modern history,” reads Sotheby’s catalog. The tiara is said to have been originally built for Viscountes Montagu in 1767 and was rebuilt by Garard in the 1930s: the central motif was allegedly gifted by Lady Sarah Spencer to Princess Diana’s grandmother Viscountes Althorpe, later in 1919. Was added, which is why we see the design today. “

“In the mid-1970s, John Spencer, the 8th Earl Spencer, inherited Tiara,” it continued. “It was later married to his three daughters: Lady Jane in 1978; Lady Sarah in 1980; and finally Lady Diana the following year, in 1981. At his wedding in the spring of 2018 – Celia McCarcodel, niece of 10th Earl Spencer Charles – most recently wore a tiara. Spencer Tiara is now going to inherit Princess Charlotte. “

Can one of Charlotte’s Spencer cousins ​​get a tiara?

Although Sotheby’s claims Charlotte will be crowned, Spencer Tiara is currently in the possession of Diana’s brother Charles, Spencer’s ninth Earl. Charles has five daughters from three marriages, so they could probably get the first dib in Tiara.

Whether Charlotte Spencer inherits a tiara or not, it is safe to say that she will have plenty of jewelry to wear, be it an ornamental tiara from her late grandmother or one of the many spectacular pieces given to her great-granddaughter. -Grandma, Queen Elizabeth, year after year. Jewelry is an important and symbolic part of the royal family.

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