Princess Diana Butler claims ‘control’ will make Meghan Merkel Crown Prince

Is Prince Harry Under Meghan MerkelThe thumb? After receiving testimony from a body language expert Princess DianaIts former butler, a tabloid sure seems so. Let’s take a closer look at the allegations of this bombing.

Did Prince Harry ‘give up’ everything to stay with Meghan Merkel?

In this week’s edition All right! Princess Diana shares some powerful insights into the marriage of former butlers, Paul Barrell, Prince Harry and Megan Merkel. To begin the article, the tabloid consults with a “body language expert” to evaluate the behavior of Harry and Merkel in a recent polo match. According to experts, Merkel appeared to be “overly possessive and motherly” when she was attracted to her husband for a kiss. “Putting both hands around Harry’s face while kissing Meghan, he took the steering mode, admired, controlled,” the expert thought.

And, according to Barrell, the couple’s public appearance came as a big disappointment. “I thought Meghan would breathe this fresh air that would modernize the royal family and bring all the important elements missing, but what kind of love is that? I feel that, from her body language in polo, she felt like an outcast,” Burrell commented. I think Harry is completely involved with her. He gave it all up. “

Barrell warns that Harry will become dissatisfied with his California life. “Trying to revive his life by playing polo in Santa Barbara is not going to cut the mustard,” said former butler Bristol. “It’s not the Windsor’s Guards Polo Club where he goes to school playing polo. Will he find a mate in California? He didn’t grow up with anyone there.

Eventually, Burrell concludes that the Duke is about to wake up and realize that he must return to the United Kingdom. “Harry will need his brother one day. I think he will return to this country with his tail between his legs. Her brother would put his hand around her and say, ‘Welcome home, Harry.’ I don’t think he’s quite happy. I think he misses his brother, I really do. “

Is Prince Harry ‘unhappy in the state’?

Let’s get rid of it now: Body language analysis is not a science and it is highly unreliable. The expert’s testimony about portraying Megan Merkel as “super-proprietary and maternal” is completely meaningless, and the outlet’s insistence on its inclusion proves just how disrespectful it is. But the flesh of this story comes to Princess Diana’s infamous former butler Paul Barel.

Who is Paul Barrell?

Burrell is a controversial figure who, despite holding positions of any kind working for the British royal family for decades, has been immersing himself in royal affairs at every turn.

Although it is useless to try and argue with the late Princess of Wales about her friendship, it does not in any way authorize her to do so. All we can say is that Burrell has had no relationship with Prince Harry since he was a child, and so he, like the rest of us, is an observer.

Also, the former royal staff is famously incongruous. For all the claims he made about the royalty, you can find another one where he said the opposite.

For example, shortly after Harry and Merkel moved to California, Burrell claimed that Princess Diana had plans to do the same, and that she would be proud to hurt Harry herself. He even said that he did not think Harry would regret leaving his royal life. “I doubt he will miss being royal,” Burrell said Our weekly Back in 2020. “Yes, he was born a prince, but his long-term ambition is to be known as a humanist like his mother.”

And now, Barrell insists, moving to California was a mistake on the part of Sussex, and Harry will really regret it. Clearly, Burrell is not a reliable source. According to Prince Harry himself, he is “greatly at peace” in California. And who are we to disagree with the Duke of Sussex about his own happiness?

More royal rubbish from the tabloids

Far from this first time All right! Has published a misleading story about Prince Harry and Megan Merkel. Earlier this year, the outlet reported that Harry and Merkel were arguing with Kristen Stewart over her role as Princess Diana. Spencer. The magazine then claimed that Harry had offered to join the royal family. And more recently, the publication claims to know the real reason why Harry and Merkel got married so quickly. Clearly, All right! Sussex is concerned wherever it is not the most reliable source.

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