Pro Chef uses basic canned soup to make stunning, affordable meals

Apparently mild canned soup can become an incredible, show-stopping dish with a few simple ingredients. The founder of the brigade and former head chef of Nomar, Dan Justi, decided to test this claim with good ‘Campbell’s soup’.

Campbell’s soup is no longer limited to simple (but inadequate) three-ingredient slow-cooker recipes. In a recent Epicurious YouTube video, Chef Justy showcases his culinary talents, transforming meek canned soups into masterpieces that will amaze you.

Moreover, Giusti manages to keep all three of the gorgeous dishes at less than $ 3 per piece at affordable prices, proving that budget foods don’t have to be smooth or appealing.

1. Campbell’s Tomato Biscuit: Eggplant Crock Madame

Eggplant crock madam as well as break down the ingredients list and recipe cost.
(Epicurious / YouTube)

Chef Justy starts by whipping Madame an eggplant crochet. “Basically, a crocodile madam is a fancy grilled ham and cheese sandwich with an egg on top,” he explains. However, Judy took a creative approach to the French classic by replacing the ham with eggplant.

He took it one step further by replacing Campbell’s tomato bisque with beechmeal sauce milk. “We’re going to get this kind of grilled cheese tomato soup, like eggplant parmesan crocus madam,” says Juesti.

Juicy begins by chopping the eggplant, seasoning it and baking it in the oven. As soon as it is roasted, he whips the bechamel mixed with tomato soup with butter, flour and some water.

The chef makes her toasted bread crumbs with bechamel sauce, roasted eggplant, mozzarella cheese and roast-side-up eggs to make a drill-worthy, open-mouthed eggplant croc madam.

2. Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup: Portobello Mushroom Soup

Portobello mushroom soup as well as ingredient list and recipe cost breakdown.
(Epicurious / YouTube)

Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup deserves more than a helpful role in your go-to casserole recipe. Giusti takes this neutral base soup to a whole new level with a strong, delicious Portobello mushroom soup.

Juicy begins by combining two cans of mushroom soup and two parts of water in the oven. As it begins to boil, place the whole head of ripe portobello mushrooms and garlic in the oven and fry until tender.

When done, peel the fried garlic and add it to the soup.

To make the plate, place the fried mushrooms in the middle of the bowl. Then, he topped it with mushroom soup cream. A delicious restaurant-style bowl of whipped cream sprinkled with heavy cream and fresh parsley completes the soup.

3. Campbell’s bean and bacon soup: fried chicken thighs with beans and kale

Roasted chicken thighs with beans and kale along the breakdown of ingredients list and recipe costs.
(Epicurious / YouTube)

Don’t sleep in Campbell’s bean and bacon soup, either! “It serves as a great starting point,” Justy explains. “You got white beans in it; You got bacon, here are the carrots. It’s based on this tomato puree, and then there’s a variety of other seasonings that really make it this great tasty punch. “

Giusti mentioned that you can prepare this dish in a pot, which makes it more attractive for a busy week night.

To start, he made a season of bones on the skin of the chicken thighs and added to a hot pan to crisp the outer part. Next, two parts of Campbell’s bean and two cans of bacon soup are added with the chopped rosemary, kale and shawl. Justy sprinkles salt on the chicken and puts the plate on a skillet layer with lemon slices to give the dish “an acidic kind of sensitivity”.

Giusti bake at 325ºF for 30 minutes or until chicken is crispy and lemons are caramelized. The end result is that Campbell’s beans and bacon soup are infinitely more hungry than a single can.

Chef Giusti concludes his delicious tutorial with an encouraging reminder not to overlook the canned soup isle. Not only is it extremely affordable and versatile, but if the juicy food gives any indication, innocent Campbell’s soup can be upgraded to a mouth-watering five-star meal in minutes. All you have to do is think outside the box.

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