Queen Elizabeth was not the most sought after royal during her big party, find out

Queen ElizabethIts platinum jubilee took place earlier this month, and many assumed he would be the most talked about member of the royal family during the celebrations. However, in a new study the most mentioned is royal এবং and certainly not what you expected.

Who was the most searched royal?

While some thought the Queen would take the top spot, others assumed Prince Harry and Megan Merkel would be the most talked about in the royal family. The couple made their highly-publicized return to royal life for the anniversary, and it would be fair to assume that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would move their tongues.

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However, a new study by betting website JeffBet analyzed data from Google Trends and found that the most talked about royalty was actually Prince William. According to their survey, online search for William’s name Jubilee weekend increased by 586%. The inquiries reached their peak just hours after she gave a speech in honor of her grandmother.

How do Harry and Merkel rank?

So who took the rest of the slots? Harry came in second with a 410% increase in his name search. William’s wife Kate Middleton took third place; Search by name increased 133%.

Merkel also got a push in the public interest on Jubilee Weekend. His name was searched 96% more online than usual. Many were shocked that he and Harry were nowhere near the top of the list of most Google-royals.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have returned to the United Kingdom

Their return to the UK before Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee was a huge topic of conversation. Harry and Merkel left the royal family and moved to California in 2020, making headlines for their candid comments on why they left. However, the couple did not return to England for the first time for the anniversary.

Shortly after being nicknamed “Megoxit” by the British press, Harry returned briefly to attend a ceremony in honor of his late mother, Princess Diana. Merkel returned to the UK earlier this year, when she and Harry went on a secret tour with the Queen on their way to Holland for the Invictus Games.

Harry and Merkel kept a pretty low profile during the Jubilee, which was by design. Since the pair are no longer members of the royal family, they were not allowed to stand on the porch of Buckingham Palace with the rest of their family for the Trooping of the Color. Although they did their best to stay out of the spotlight, Jeffbet’s research shows that the world is still very much interested in Harry and Merkel.

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