R. Kelly’s prosecutors are recommending a 25-year sentence, but the legal battle is not over

It’s a lot to see And Kelly May end up behind bars. Federal prosecutors have just filed their recommendations for his sentencing in his New York trial, but the singer is still facing further legal issues in Illinois and Minnesota.

Why prosecutors are pressuring Kelly to spend 25 years behind bars

Eastern District of NY federal prosecutors convicted Kelly last September and they have finally determined what his sentence should be. In a recent filing, prosecutors recommended that Kelly be sent to prison “over 25 years.”

Documents, obtained by TMZExplain that this punishment is extremely harsh because of its long history of “seducing minors”. Such as Kelly’s relationship with Ali. According to prosecutors, the artist “began sexually abusing her when she was only 12 or 13 years old.” Kelly then marries Alia to avoid any criminal charges for child abuse.

Other reasons for Kelly’s sentencing recommendations include her collection of child pornography and her long history of physical and emotional abuse of women. Much of this behavior was exposed Lifetime Documentary Survival and Kelly.

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In the documentary, he describes in detail the women he abused, including forcing him to call her “dad”, beating her if they disobeyed, and forcibly punishing her with separation. They further claim that Kelly knew she had genital herpes in 2004, but she continued to have sex with women and did not tell them. According to federal prosecutors, Kelly continued to abuse women after her 2008 arrest and trial.

Prosecutors explained that Kelly believed “his musical talent freed him from any need to comply with his conduct – no matter how predatory, harmful, degrading or insulting to others – from the strictures of the law.”

Other trials are encountered by Kelly

All this explains his 25+ year sentence recommendation. Kelly is now 55 years old, so it looks like the singer could be behind bars until his early 80s. The sentence is to be announced on June 29.

In addition to her New York trial, Kelly is facing another federal lawsuit in Illinois and a state trial in Minnesota. Both trials involve juvenile delinquency and, in some cases, juvenile delinquency.

Kelly’s horrific crimes against women and minors have been headlining the past few years, with many wondering if the singer will ever face trial. With this new punishment recommendation, it looks like Kelly will eventually be punished for his actions.

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