Rebuild Julia Roberts’s huge wave with a simple tool

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Whenever someone tells me that I can recreate a celebrity hairstyle, I always have the same thoughts. Of course, I think – hundreds of dollars worth of products, high-quality extensions, endless time and a team of nine professional stylists are doing it for me.

On top of the confession I admit, I also have long, fine hair. So, my hair does what it wants to do and something else. Even if I try to recreate a superstar look, it will probably be flat in less than an hour.

But when I saw Julia Roberts’ Hairstyles at the 75th Ear Festival, my eyes lit up. I immediately recognized that hair technique এবং and this time, I actually knew how to recreate it.

Beachy Meets Old Hollywood

Roberts wore his signature Auburn Lock in the air, shoulder-length waves. Unlike curls that can curl up and extend downwards, Roberts’ waves retain their shape from root to tip. Several layers of this deep wave make her hair look effortless.

The waves were deeper and wider than the wind, the appearance of a rough beach. But they weren’t as deep as traditional finger waves. The look is a perfect line between bohemian and Old Hollywood glam for a modern, glamorous style.

How to recreate the look at home

The 54-year-old actress’s appearance at home is surprisingly easy to recreate. All it takes is the right tool আরো more specifically, a wave plate or swing.

A weaver is a hot styling tool with a unique, deep-set barrel. For a curling iron or stick you need to wrap and curl your hair around the barrel, holding a swaying hair. It works similarly as a crimper but without the appearance of a crooked twisted sister.

Bedheads Wave Artist Deep Weaver features a deep-set barrel made of tourmaline ceramic. Tourmaline ceramic emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions in your hair. When you style your locks it shrinks and locks with moisture.

These deep waves come with three heat settings. Not only can you style without worrying about your hair loss, but you can experiment with different temperatures to achieve different looks, from light tossing to dramatic peaks and valleys.

To use your weaver, stick the tool around the small part of the hair from head to toe. Hold the barrels around the hair for about two to three seconds, then repeat. The technique is simple and easy on the joints — no twisting, re-clamping or coiling.

Holy grail for stubborn hair

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is it Only Styling tool that can control my long, delicate, straight-a-board lock. Usually, even professional stylists can’t curl my hair in a way that doesn’t fall out in an hour.

Believe me They all tried. We are all disappointed. But with this swing, my hair stays wavy and big all day long. Most days, I would wake up The next day Still intact with my waves (though a little tingling).

Plus, when I say long hair, I mean Long. My hair falls just above the bones of my tail, and it doesn’t take me more than 20 minutes to shake my whole head deeply. For collarbone- or shoulder-length hair, it only takes a few minutes.

If my personal experience isn’t enough to convince you, maybe more than 33,000 five-star reviews on Amazon will do the trick. Deep Weaver is a beauty-must-have, especially for those who have thin or stubborn hair.

And for less than 30, it wasn’t as easy as looking for an A-list celebrity.

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