Reddit ‘AITA’ is back with the story of a terrible husband

If something is certain, people go to Reddit in strange situations. There was a husband who secretly invited his mother to go on vacation with his family. Then, there was the husband who hinted at sleeping with his sister-in-law instead of paying for IVF. And, of course, there was the husband who was with his mother instead of his wife when caring for their newborn. There seems to be a constant theme if you haven’t noticed.

A Redditter, we’ll call her Olivia, recently fell into a bizarre situation that caused her to leave a “couple’s vacation”, where it turned out she was the third wheel. In this story, Olivia and her husband, “Ben” are planning a three-day vacation outside the state.

There’s just one problem, though. Ben doesn’t want to go without his BFF, Carl. Looks like Carl isn’t on the card three days away. So, what does Ben do? The answer is clear. He must have invited Carl to a romantic vacation with him and his wife.

The story behind ‘Carl’

So, if it’s not clear, Ben and Carl are BFF. But these guys aren’t teenagers or their early 20s. They are in their 30s, an age when family comes before friendships and other relationships.

According to Olivia, Ben and Carl “do everything together.” Ben even calls Carl his “nicotine” because he misses her and wants to spend time with her

And sadly, Carl’s wife recently died of cancer. At first, Olivia said that Carl had moved away after her death, but recently Ben and Carl were spending more time together. Ben Carl brings food and even buys him new clothes.

We don’t want to say here that friendship is not important, because they are. And the strong friendship of men is great. Friendship is even more important when someone is grieving or having a difficult time. And all of this (except for the nicotine comment) doesn’t sound so weird. That is, until the holidays.

Holiday from hell

Olivia had booked a room with her husband Ben for a romantic beach vacation. Because, of course. Why would you book multiple rooms, or have multiple beds, when you and your spouse are on vacation? But, Olivia then goes blind On the way out of town Her husband also pitted Carl to go on their vacation.

Ben tells Olivia that Carl “needs” this holiday. According to Olivia, the money is tight, and Carl hasn’t worked since his wife’s death. So, a house for two now becomes a house for three. Olivia does not go into detail about what she did on the first day of their vacation.

But, apparently, he was tired of being the third wheel or just tired because he said, “I was in bed when my husband and Carl came back. My husband told me to get out of bed and go to sleep. I woke up. The mattress was on the floor for me.” He and Carl will take the bed. ” Ummm. What ?!

So, of course, Olivia tells Carl to leave the house. After a brief argument with Ben, he goes home in his clothes. Ben tells him he’s “irrational” and even Carl says he’s “creating a problem with a non-issue.”

We have to be by Olivia’s side.

A troubled relationship

Most of the commenters on the thread think that there is a relationship between Ben and Carl. Or, at least, Ben has a romantic feeling for Carl. Whether or not Carl knows, we’re not sure. Many comments sounded like, “Yeah, this wedding has a third wheel, and sorry, it’s not Carl.”

Another commenter noted that “Olivia” never mentioned their gender in the original post. So, really “Olivia” could be “Oliver” and the whole scenario could be explained more easily.

One said, “It just so happens that OP never said they were a woman (unless they later edited their post). However, sleeping with husband Carl doesn’t change that.”

If something is going on between Carl and Ben, Ben is less likely to volunteer. Looks like Olivia needs to start some tough conversations with Ben.

For starters, cheating for his feelings and should be completely ignored. We’re not sure if Ben and Carl ended their vacation or followed Olivia on their first night. However, when Ben returns home, he tells Olivia that he has “acted disgustingly and disgustingly” and ruined the trip for everyone.

We hope Olivia reminds him Everything He did this to make sure the trip was non-starter from the start. Maybe two people can do it together. Maybe not. But, it is clear that Ben will have to go one step further from his friend if he wants to work on his marriage.

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