Reliable sources say Laurie Laughlin has refused to return to Hallmark

Is Laurie Laughlin Going back to Hallmark after his involvement in the now-infamous college admissions scandal? A tabloid has claimed that the actress has nothing to do with her old network. Let’s take a closer look at the claims.

‘Bitter’ Laurie Laughlin thinks ‘traitor’?

Latest version National Investigator Reported that Laurie Laughlin is refusing to work with Hallmark again. After accusing Laughlin of taking part in the national college admissions scandal that rocked Hollywood in 2019, Hallmark quickly fired him. When the heart calls.

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Now that Loughlin has served his time and is pushing his way back to Hollywood, sources say he has refused to collaborate with his old network. “Laurie thinks the network dropped her off the bus when she was in trouble, and while she still cares for her co-stars, she’ll do nothing to help people who think she’s frustrated,” an insider complained.

Laurie Laughlin Snabbing Hallmark?

This tabloid is behind this whole story. It is true that Hallmark released Laughlin as soon as he was arrested. But, all we can say is that Hallmark is still the person who doesn’t want to do anything with Laughlin. When Laughlin was released from prison, it was clear that he was keen to regain his role. When the heart calls. But Hallmark apparently had no intention of rebooting the show. That’s when GAC Greenlit a spinoff of the show titled Family When hope calls And welcomes Laughlin to perform in the two-part Christmas special.

And while the network jump could fly under most radars, Hallmark made it a point to clarify the Laughlin situation. “Hallmark Channel has not cast Laurie Lofflin in any current project, including When the heart calls, Or we have no plans to cast him in the future He was cast by the GAC family, not the Hallmark Channel or the Crown Media Family Network, a completely separate cable network, “said a spokesman for the network at the time.

So, Laughlin doesn’t seem to have any authority to bring down Hallmark. If Hallmark makes a 360 and offers Laughlin a position, we wouldn’t be surprised if he refuses, considering the length the network has taken to keep itself away from him. But we should make it clear that this contentious relationship goes two ways, not just one.

The tabloid on Laurie Laughlin

Of course, we know better than to believe National Investigator Concerned Loughlin anywhere. Following his arrest in 2019, the outlet reported that Laughlin would try fake limbs to avoid jail time. The magazine then claims that Laughlin’s husband, Mosimo Gianuli, is “lost” in prison. And most recently, the publication attempted to invent a conflict between Laughlin and Felicity Hoffman. Apparently, the Investigator This is not reliable for Laughlin and his family.

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