Ridge Witherspoon is selling the house amid rumors of a divorce

There are rumors about the status Ridge WitherspoonMarried to Jim Toth For the past few years. Many have speculated that the couple is divorcing, and recent reports about their real estate holdings have led some to believe that divorce is imminent.

Witherspoon sells the Brentwood estate

The actress recently sold her home: a luxury estate in Brentwood, California. He and Toth raised the property to 2020 15.89 million in 2020. The house has seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms, as well as a pool and bar.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Witherspoon and Toth sold the property in May this year for 21.5 million. Some have pointed to it as evidence that he and the talent agent are getting divorced after more than ten years of marriage. However, this seems unlikely.

Although Witherspoon is famous for its acting chops, it has a pretty lucrative side hostel as a real estate mogul. The actress has bought and sold high-end properties in Los Angeles, Bell Air and Ojai.

In addition to selling homes, Witherspoon and Toth own homes in Nashville, Pacific Palisades and Malibu. If the couple divorces, it looks like they will sell the property as well, but all three will be out of the market.

Is Witherspoon planning a divorce year after year?

However, there are still rumors about the couple, although there is no evidence that this could lead to a breakup. A source who did not want to be named said this Our weekly It is alleged that the actress has been planning to divorce Toth for years. Page six The failure of the streaming service Quibi, which was part of Toth, also put the marriage under pressure.

As time goes on without news of a divorce or divorce, rumors of Witherspoon and Toth breaking up become even more ridiculous. If a couple really wants to get a divorce, why wait years and years to get it done?

Witherspoon seems distracted by rumors that she paid tribute to her husband in a sweet Valentine’s Day post this year. “Love My Valentine,” the actress captioned multiple photos of the couple over the years. Witherspoon’s latest real estate sale could predict a split between him and Toth, but there is no evidence to support any claim that the pair will break up.

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