‘Risk!’ Champion 6-Game Winning Streak explains his strange behavior

Danger! There is a new ruling champion. Ryan Long Arriving on his fourth day on the show, he officially qualifies for the Champions Tournament. The Philadelphia native earned more than $ 130,000 and is in a six-day winning streak. He was taken to Twitter to help explain some of his strange behavior.

Tony Long: Rideshare driver and ‘Joypardy!’ Keeper

Tony Long has already taken heart and mind Danger! Loyal people call him a gentle monster: a self-described nest who is known for putting his heart in his hands. She trades in a lift driver who raises cats in her spare time. For many in an uncertain world, he is the hero we need right now.

Unfortunately for Long, he forgot something very important on his trip from Philadelphia to Los Angeles: his glasses. He has a habit of tidying up throughout the show. It’s not some brilliant tactic on his part: he can’t see. Anyone who has lost their glasses can relate.

Another Danger! Champion, 1-day champion Margaret Chipowski, chimed in with interesting insights. He says the questions on the screen weren’t as big as he thought.

Credit Wardrobe Division

Long has also been praised for her outfits. She is wearing a few sweet sweaters from behind her lectern. Long says he has nothing to do with it. “I have to shout at the magicians in the wardrobe department. I paid almost nothing to work with them. “

Her own outfit options are rather limited. She says she only owns two dress shirts and they burned out in two days.

Standing in the wonder of life

A consistent theme on Long’s Twitter is his complete surprise at his own good fortune. He said this time Danger! Came at the perfect time for him and it helped him sort out his life plan. He is surprised to win, and still can’t believe what is happening to him. After his third victory, he wrote “Which planet am I on now?”

In a stretch of the Super Champions, no one can help but reach the heights of Matthew Roach, Matt Amodio and Amy Snyder to reach the heights. As always Danger!Only time will tell how far he will go.

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