‘Risk! Fans are divided over the hosting of Maim Bialik ‘Celebrity Jepardi!’

Fans of it Danger! Get double the dose from their favorite game show. ABC has announced that they are adding Danger of celebrities! In their 2022-23 lineup, and fans think the controversial part-time host Mayim Bialik There will be a move on the spin-off show.

Bialik will host ‘Danger!’ Spin-off?

Announcing the production of a press release Danger of celebrities! It has been said that a host will be announced at a later date, but viewers of the game show are already speculating that Bialik will host the show.

One reason for this is that some people think it is part-time Danger! Host action? Bialik often hosts special events and spin-offs of popular competitions. ABC chief Craig Erwich did not confirm or deny any rumors about Bialik’s hosting Danger of celebrities!.

“It’s really about the details of the announcement,” Erwich said Diversity. “And we’re not ready yet, but we will be soon. I won’t read anything in it. “Fans are already reacting to the news, though, and many are excited about the possibility of a show change for Bialik.

“Yeah! Looking forward to hosting the show and Mime,” one fan wrote. Another tweeted, “Ken is good as Japardi’s host but my choice is Mim. He closes it with compassion, intelligence and personality.

Rumor fan response

Why Jennings is another part-timer Danger! The host, and many fans of the show, are more vocal about their choice for him than Bialik. The The Big Bang Theory The actress is often the subject of annoyance on the internet, the way viewers ask her questions, criticizes the clothes she wears and her general attitude on the show.

While nothing has been confirmed, Bialyk’s haters are already going crazy over the rumor that any version of the game show could have a full-time hosting position. “He’s the worst,” someone tweeted. “That’s what he says when he’s fed by an earpiece.”

Although Bialik has some fans and they are thrilled to hear that he might launch a full-time hosting gig Danger of celebrities!. “I really don’t hate hosting Miami Bialik,” one fan tweeted. “She did a good job. Why did she do a good job. It doesn’t matter if one has to host the other. It’s just a game show.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Danger of celebrities!Or if Jennings gets the spot, it’s safe to say Danger! There will be complaints from both fans and fanatics.

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