‘Risk!’ Fans have shared crazy statistics about last year’s champions

Danger! Facing an era of unprecedented success. The era of super champion is in full swing Ryan Long Now won ten games and counts. A former contestant is pointing out what the inconsistency was last year.

A quick refresher

There seems to be more consistency from competitors than hosts Danger!. Last year, five contestants won more than ten games: Matt Amodio, Jonathan Fisher, Amy Snyder, Mattie Roach and now Ryan Long. Hosting Desk has seen guest hosts: Mike Richards and finally Ken Jennings and Mime Bialik, these awesome streaks holding the show together.

A statistical discrepancy

A former contestant and Twitter user mentioned what he made last year Danger! So there have been only 14 special people in history Danger! To win more than 10 games, and five of them last year.

To add more perspective, just look at the ranking of winning consecutive games. Ken Jennings is out of reach with 74 wins, but four of the next nine are from last year. This is not normal.

A change in the rules

Statistics like this can be a bit confusing. When Danger! Existing since 1964, competitors have not always been free to go the long line. Perhaps to combat the scandal emanating from the 1950s game show scandal, the winning streams were originally limited to one week.

The rules didn’t change until 2003, just a year after Jennings closed. Looks like the super champions have some advantages because they can get used to how the buzzer works. However, if this is true, you will see Super Champion more than once a year. This has not been true until this year.

Who is Ryan Long?

The current champion is Long. He is a Philadelphia elevator driver who cares for cats and is a bit stupid. Long forgot his glasses in the first week of the show, but he has now recovered them. Long has currently won 13 games and will take home at least 252,700.

It’s certainly impressive, but it’s not too much compared to the other champions this year. Roach took home 560,983, while both Amodoio and Schneider had a net of over $ 1 million. Only time will tell how far it can go. Gossip Cop Can’t wait for the Champions Tournament where all these guys will compete in the battle of wits for ages.

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