‘Risk!’ Fans sound off about why the latest champ was so special

Ryan Long No more kingdoms Danger! The champ reached a milestone amount, earning $ 299,400 in the 16-game winning program. Fans are talking about what such a special champion has done to Long.

The Every Man

There is something very common about Long. Why didn’t Philadelphia lift driver Jennings-Esk think he was a genius, or a gambler like James Holzawar. Instead, he stuck to his sweater vest and genuine passion.

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Even in the early days of his streak, you can tell how shocking the Long Show was. He accidentally left his glasses all over the country, so he had to wrap his way through the first week of his victory. Long was really a relative Danger! Champion and there really isn’t much between them.

The fans are talking

As one would expect, the end of Long’s streak means fans of the show can discuss what made him special. One of them touched Long’s plan to win.

She’s not just planning on taking her son on a trip. In a recent tweet, Long said he would “buy new shirts too ৷ new glasses” with his huge win.

Another user briefly described each of Long’s styles. “She was OK. He wasn’t a great high school student, he didn’t have a college degree, and he didn’t have a job as a rocket scientist. He has shown that anyone can play and win. “

How is Ryan Long doing?

As one would expect, Long is taking her Danger! Loss in progress he thanked the people of the house for seeing him and made a point of praising his fellow competitors. “I want to thank all my fellow competitors who, to one person, were exemplary people.”

For a long time then the poetic wax in society as a whole: “Sometimes it seems that society puts you in a box, and you are categorized as a certain thing with a certain fate, although you may feel differently inside. For the longest time, I didn’t believe a person could really get out of that box. But I think this thing proves that you can, “said Long.

It is turning into a legendary tournament as it will be paired with Long Matia Roach, Matt Amodio and Amy Snyder. We all have to wait and see if another super champion emerges between now and then.

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