‘Risk!’ The contestants published 30 favorite books and read them in preparation

Many people daydream about competition Danger !, But answering trivial questions is harder than it seems. Julian GlanderThe game’s second-place finisher recently revealed how much he had to study to prepare for his time. Danger!.

What is this ‘danger!’ Read on to prepare for the contest show

“If anyone is wondering how much preparation there is for coming second in Geopardy, this is a pile of books I’ve read since last July to this February,” Glander tweeted. Attached were pictures of a huge pile of books with titles about the American president, national parks, and classical music.

He followed the post with another tweet: “This whole pile of books fell off and fell on me right after I took the picture. A perfect poetic ending to my endangered journey.” Although the pile of books was huge, Glander revealed that he did not actually use the knowledge he had acquired through reading.

“Did you get any answers from these books that were asked on the show?” A fan asked. Glander replied, “I think 1 answer (South Dakota’s largest city, Sioux Falls) is in all of this reading hahahaha.” Another fan asked, “Which was the best?” “The C-Span Presidential Book and NYT Better Smart were my favorite lessons on Sundays,” Glander said.

He has shown strange skills

An animator from Pittsburgh showed a strange skill while competing in the Glander Game Show.

“What can you do?” The host asked Jennings Glander why. “Well, a lot of people can sing the alphabet backwards. I can sing it the exact opposite. “Jennings asked,” It’s not the same thing, and Glander quickly proved him wrong. ” , But it sounds like a record that is being played backwards.

“It’s probably an interview with the biggest dangerous competitor in history. Or at least weird,” one person tweeted. Another fan wrote, “This is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever seen.” Glander went on social media to address the videoHis backstory jokes in the weird words of the alphabet recitation: “My backup episode was about collecting my squeezed penis but the producers were adamant about closing the week with a satanic spell.”

Extensive study from strange skills, it seems Danger! Contestants need to be able to do this – and even then, they can’t end up using the information they’ve learned from those lessons. Just ask Glander.

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