Royal ‘expert’ blasts Prince Harry for ‘arrogance’ over Queen’s remarks

Prince Harry There may have been some feather shaking on his recent comments about Queen Elizabeth. Royal experts called her “arrogance” to suggest she wanted to protect her grandmother. This is the story.

Prince Harry’s protection

Per The sun, Harry’s interview with Hoda Kotb only aroused a worse feeling for the royalty. Harry and Megan Merkel had a closed-door meeting with Elizabeth on the way to the Invictus Games. “I’m just making sure she’s safe, you know, and she’s got the right people around her,” Harry told Kotb.

Royal experts have blasted Harry for this. They called his remarks an insult to the royal family and claimed that his remarks exemplified his arrogance. Others think Prince Charles and Prince William are already doing a great job protecting the Queen, so Harry should avoid his nose.

Queen Elizabeth is still family

Imagine hating someone so much that you would criticize them for taking care of their grandmother. Considering the century-old royal scandal on the walls of the palace, Harry deserves to question Elizabeth’s safety. The world knows Elizabeth’s home well, so Harry is right to see her as vulnerable.

We must forget how Harry lost his mother, Princess Diana. Since then, security and safety are essential to him. Harry Elizabeth check-in is a kind thing. Shame on these critics for making it scandalous.

Meeting Elizabeth seems to have healed some of the wounds, Sussex is now planning to join in her jubilee celebrations. While Harry and Merkel are in town, stay at Frogmore’s cottage and don’t walk on the porch. Elizabeth only wants members of the royal family by her side, which doesn’t mean Harry or the infamous Prince Andrew.

Prince Harry can do no right

The secret meeting between Merkel, Harry and Elizabeth gave birth to countless irrational stories. US Weekly Claimed that they were going to say goodbye to Elizabeth. Harry didn’t say anything like that. The National Investigator William reportedly felt blind and humiliated by Harry’s comments about adequate protection.

Even if William felt that way, he didn’t give any hint about it in public. New ideas William even announced that William had warned Charles not to allow Harry direct access to the Queen because of these security remarks. William, Charles and Harry all want exactly the same thing: Elizabeth to be safe and secure. Harry did not in any way embarrass his family by checking in, so this criticism is unreasonable.

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