‘Royal Expert’ claims Meghan Merkel will not allow a rift between Prince Harry and Royal

Is Meghan Merkel The royal family is determined to keep the era of bad feelings? A rumor suggests he doesn’t want to Prince Harry To reunite with his family for deceptive reasons. Gossip Cop Investigates

Want to grow Meghan Merkel Rift?

Per The sun, Deadset to nurture drama in Merkel royal family. A royal expert says platinum jubilee will not ease tensions between Harry and his family because Merkel doesn’t want to repair things. “If it is repaired, Harry will want to come back and play his part,” the expert said.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, seems ready to do anything to calm Harry and Merkel. He wants them to feel welcome and to try to end the fighting between Sussex and Cambridge. Prince Charles doesn’t care about Harry at all and wants to focus on himself, Prince William and Prince George.

The tension is cooling

Whether the tabloids admit it or not, tensions between Harry and his family seem to be cooling off in the end. Elizabeth and Lilibet Diana’s warmly anticipated meeting proves that things are going well. Merkel is a big step towards British soil. Merkel and Elizabeth didn’t have beef in the first place, but the trip is still a big deal.

If that’s not enough, the source said Mirror That William and Harry are purposefully working to repair their cracks. The brothers have regular facetime calls which have worked wonders to bring things back to normal. A big part of Merkel, because William sees her as a positive influence in Harry’s life. Looks like the years of tug-of-war for communication and the Platinum Jubilee are coming to an end.

Prince Harry is not helpless

This is another story that snatches Harry from any agency in his own life. Merkel’s decision to move to the United States was not unilateral. Harry is very open about why he left. Both she and Merkel now seem so happy that they can actually live a private life on their own terms. Calling Harry his brother again does not mean that he will uproot his family and return to the Hornet.

The The sun Don’t let the royal drama go without a fight. A rift in the royal family means a lucrative business for tabloids around the world. The last thing the tabloid press wants is for Harry to be reunited with the rest of his family.

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