Royal ‘expert’ claims Prince Harry ‘angry’ over jubilee treatment

Is Prince Harry Platinum furious for his treatment at Jubilee? A so-called expert says he will demand an apology from his family for the neglect. Gossip Cop Investigates

Prince Harry apologizes

Angela Levine, a royal biographer, believes Harry apologizes for the way the royal family treated him during his recent visit across the pond. Biographer Angela Levine says the Duke of Sussex was “furious”. “I think he was very, very upset that he was basically ignored.”

Harry thinks the family apologizes to him, but Levin believes that Harry must apologize: “People can’t be treated rudely and they can’t be expected to open their hearts to you again.” She is upset with Harry for his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

One of the topics of contention for Harry is the lack of support from his brother. It is learned that the brothers did not see each other during the visit. Levin put it on Harry: “They didn’t bother to find out if Cambridge would be in Wales in the morning and come back in the afternoon to get ready for the Jubilee concert, so they couldn’t go.”

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What hit Levin the hardest was Harry’s anger. He said, “She wears her emotions on her face and she looks absolutely angry … She wears her emotions on her face and looks absolutely angry.”

Where is the evidence?

Gossip Cop Very familiar with Levin. Just because he wrote a book about Harry doesn’t mean he knows what’s going on in his head. He recently beat her for opening a window. You read that right: the decision to lower a window was apparently an insult to Queen Elizabeth.

It’s easy to find pictures of both smiling and not smiling from Harry’s recent trip. It almost seems that he is a man who can feel countless emotions at any time. If Harry is really angry about how his trip went, he’s keeping it to himself. Contrary to many tabloids, Harry and Megan Merkel rarely make public statements. They have no social media, so there is no indication of anger or abuse in public.

Backward logic

Focus on what Levin is saying about William. He leans back to save William while Harry stays in town for only a few days. Meeting Lilibet Diana for the first time should have been a priority. For Levin, however, it’s somehow Harry’s fault. He should have thoroughly examined William’s plan.

Such outrageous revelations reveal how clearly these critics are one-sided against Harry. He really can’t do any right. Sussex flew around the world with very young children to celebrate Elizabeth’s achievements, but apparently, it wasn’t good enough. What this bias looks like.

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