Royal family accuses Prince Harry of banning Megan Merkel from Palace Grounds

Is Meghan Merkel And Prince Harry Still banned from the palace? 365 days ago, Gossip Cop Their interview leads to a story about a life ban from the royal house. Oprah Winfrey. I look back at that story to see if it had anything to do with it.

Prince Harry in exile forever?

Per In contact, After receiving a lifetime ban from the palace, Harry could never go home again. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William “secretly forbade Harry and Meghan to return to the royal family. And the queen wants to take away their titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex,” a source said.

Charles was particularly bitter because “Harry could ruin Charles’ chances of becoming king,” an insider said. Harry was reaping what he sowed when he first left the UK.

The tabloid did not name the palace from which the duke was banned. It was a very one-sided story for Charles and the royal family to hurt Merkel and Harry for everything without sin.

Gossip Cop Mentioned that Charles was guaranteed to be king because of the law, not public opinion. Considering that Harry has already returned home to unveil the statue of Princess Diana, this legend did not have a leg to stand on.

Is Meghan Merkel still banned?

No! Merkel and Harry have never been banned from the royal court. The two had a high-profile secret meeting with Queen Elizabeth earlier this year that seemed to cool tensions between Sussex and the rest of the family. Outside of the spotlight, the two are expected to attend a few platinum jubilee events.

In contact It was never right to start. Harry and Merkel never stopped owning Frogmore Cottage. Whenever they come to town it is their royal residence. Talk about rubbish.

The tabloid did not restart

Prince Harry and Megan Merkel are still raped by this tabloid. Last month it claimed the two were “desperate for cash” and exploiting Elizabeth for money. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Gossip Cop It also tells the story of Merkel’s obsession with Prince William. The tabloids try to make Merkel an evil social mountaineer. It is problematic on many levels and not entirely accurate. Elizabeth did not ban Harry or Merkel from the UK, so this story was fake.

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