Royal gossip apparently condemns Meghan Merkel for trying to imitate Princess Diana

Is Meghan Merkel Trying to copy Princess Diana? Wife of an outlet claims Prince Harry She is behaving like her mother. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Hard times for Harry’

Per GlobeMarkle is apparently trying to replicate how Diana acted in public. A body language expert has studied footage of the two at Invictus Games, and Merkel has “ramped up the play” for the sake of many cameras. Experts believe Harry hid an inner sadness when Merkel carefully expressed “excitement, joy and excitement” while watching the games.

The expert also mentioned that Merkel used to send a message of “affection and unity” holding Harry’s hand. When Merkel greeted the Romanian team members, she waved them as she used her other hand to hold her handbag over her shoulder. The expert said it was “a little embarrassing, friendly sign Diana was like adding her greetings.” Merkel’s imitation did not go unnoticed, nor did Harry’s embarrassing behavior, the outlet note.

Is Meghan Merkel imitating Diana?

Just take a step back and observe this story: A body language expert says Merkel shakes hands trying to copy Diana. What Merkel did was shake the hand of a Romanian serviceman, and Globe Something to attack has been found. As a rule, tabloids will never wake up the Princess of Wales, especially for something as stupid as this.

It goes without saying that a body language expert knows nothing. All they are doing is staring at the picture and talking nonsense. Obviously, holding the hand of the spouse is a sign of affection, but looking down on Harry rarely justifies the fact that he missed his life in England. She’s wearing sunglasses in these photos, so she’s probably looking down to keep her eyes out of the light.

Gossip Cop This story shows Merkel as a desperate attempt to hurt her while standing around what she is doing. What he was doing was shaking hands. That and all that. Diana may have shaken hands too, but it is impossible for Merkel to replicate her handshaking tactics to be like her mother-in-law.

Meghan Merkel Myths

The Globe Claims Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel will flee California because they are too unpopular. Lest we forget that once it was announced that Merkel had an abortion for publicity. This rag has no depth that will not stoop for the sake of a hit piece. This body language story is absolutely nonsense which does not guarantee a second thought.

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