Royal Gossip claims Queen Elizabeth Meghan ordered Merkel to “stop”

Did Queen Elizabeth Have an exciting meeting with Meghan Merkel Behind the scenes of his platinum jubilee celebration? A tabloid claims that the Queen took the opportunity to clear the air with the Duchess of Sussex. Let’s take a look at the rumors.

Queen Ladd down the law with Merkel?

A recent version New ideas According to the report, Queen Elizabeth will not allow Meghan Merkel to leave London again unless she is replaced. “The Queen was generous in making the red carpet for Sussex despite repeated attacks on the royal family,” an insider spread. “But for Meghan, she had some favorite comments, especially on her upcoming Netflix documentaries, which, by all accounts, are a reality show.”

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Apparently, Queen Merkel was told that she was explicitly barred from filming on the Crown property and that they would “frown” at any mention of personal family matters on their show. “His Majesty wanted to remind Meghan that the royal family is a team and by hitting one of them he hurts them all,” Tipster concludes.

Queen Meghan forbade Merkel from filming?

First, why is this report only concerned with Meghan Merkel? Merkel and Prince Harry have both signed their Netflix deal, so why focus all her efforts on talking to Queen Merkel? Well, we guess he won’t. It is more likely that he will include his grandson in the conversation if he has concerns because it is well known that they have always been close.

However, of course, it is not surprising that the magazine turned its anger on Merkel. According to tabloid media, Merkel was forced to crash into the Queen’s jubilee celebrations with a camera crew. And since neither Merkel nor Harry disrupted the event, Someone They had to stop. But this narrative is a pure, unbridled conjecture. There is absolutely no evidence to support this and, as far as we can tell, Merkel and Harry had no plans to photograph the Queen during their visit to the UK.

More royal rubbish from the tabloids

This is far from the first time we’ve covered New ideas For spreading misleading information about the British royal family. Earlier this year, the outlet reported that Meghan Merkel had “condemned” Camilla Parker Bowles. The magazine then claims that Prince William tried to stop Prince Harry from seeing the Queen as he stopped on his way to the Netherlands. And recently, the publication complained that the palace believes that Merkel is planning to publicly disrespect Kate Middleton. Obviously, New ideas There are really no spies around Buckingham Palace.

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