Royal sources claim that Prince Harry and Megan Merkel have apparently fled in disgrace

Meghan Merkel And Prince Harry They have returned to the United States after their family’s first visit to England. Did they flee England with a tail in the middle of their legs? A report said the royal family avoided them on their way out. Here’s what we know.

‘Royal Renegades Run for the Hills’

According to National Investigator, Merkel and Harry escape the Platinum Jubilee after failing to secure footage for Netflix. The family brought Archie and Lilibet Diana to the other side of the pond in hopes of returning to a gorgeous homeland, but instead complained of being snubbed by senior members of the royal family and hated by the public.

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“They were completely humiliated,” an insider said. Another bellows, “The worst hit was the maharaja saying his name was ‘no chance’ to take pictures of his first meeting with Lilliput.” The photos apparently made Netflix extremely happy, but Sussex is leaving empty-handed. Kate Middleton and Prince William presumably rubbed salt into the wound when they completely dismembered Lilliput.

Harry and Merkel fled to the United States on an eco-friendly private jet, so an insider called them hypocrites. “They’ve got a presence they deserve for what hurt Harry and Megan’s family,” one source concluded.

Insulting Prince Harry?

First, r Investigator Doesn’t care about private jets at all. It’s just labeling the couple fake because they’ve spoken out in favor of the green program. Almost every celebrity on its pages, from Kim Kardashian to Donald Trump, flies in a private plane, yet only Merkel and Harry are called for it. He defended his actions citing serious security concerns, so we’re sure he considered good-evil.

Also, isn’t it a little tricky for William and Middleton to purposely snatch a 1-year-old’s birthday? The outlet works like this … some great gestures of revenge on a child. This may seem absurd and ridiculously trivial to us, but at least Lilliput matched his name.

However, there is no real way to know how Merkel and Harry feel back home. Only they can answer for sure, and no insider can really know the thoughts in their head. Considering the story begins with two “fame-hungry” labels, it’s a transparent hit piece. In fact, Harry and Merkel reportedly didn’t want the spotlight on this trip. They may be there for his final public celebration in support of Queen Elizabeth

Troed Royal Rumors

The Investigator Already named him Henpeked Harry, so it is clearly biased against Sussex. Its coverage is rarely accurate. Earlier this year, it was Elizabeth who announced that Elizabeth would snatch them from the title, but that didn’t really happen.

Recently, the tabloid reported that Harry and Merkel were breaking up. They are millionaires who never need to work anymore, so this is an absurd story. Harry and Merkel did exactly what they planned to do in England, so it’s hard to imagine they would feel humiliated.

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