Rude rumors claim George Clooney is supposedly begging for ‘scary skinny’ Amal

Is George Clooney Beg Amal Eat more? A tabloid claimed that the human rights lawyer had appeared dangerously skinny on a recent trip. Let’s check in the beloved energy couple.

Amal Clooney at the rate of the most skinny?

This week, They Amal Clooney looked very thin when she came out for the Prince’s Trust Award last month, the report said. When the humanitarian stunned a gorgeous red robe, sources said his trim body had alerted his loved ones, including George. And now, the article reports, George is begging his wife to bulk up. “Between her full work schedule and parental responsibilities, Amal has spread herself very thin,” an internal food. “When she is stressed or abusive, she chooses her food or avoids it altogether.”

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The outlet notes that Amal is always a fan of practice. When he’s not on the courtroom or on the red carpet, you’ll see him play tennis, lift weights, or take long walks. But sources say her diet is not the same for her active lifestyle. “He’s probably the skinniest man of all time,” warns Tipster. “George worries about her and thinks she needs to gain a few pounds – and fast.”

Amal Clooney ‘too busy’?

We’re not just buying this dubious inside so-called identity. We seriously suspect that someone really close to the Clooney will dish out such personal details about their lives in this rage. Not to mention, we don’t see any cause for concern. Although there is no dispute that Amal cuts a thin figure, it does not make him look different than always.

Plus, we’re sure Amal Clooney will be shocked to see people so fixed on her weight instead of the important work she was doing at the awards show. That same night, the attorney presented his women’s empowerment award to Tanzila Kan, a Pakistani menstrual rights lawyer. So, we really want to know why Amal’s weight overshadowed the significance of this important event.

Another ‘scary skinny’ celebrity

This is not the first time we have seen such a story They. Although Amal Clooney isn’t usually the target, the report is strikingly similar to Angelina Jolie’s outlet coverage. Rag once claimed Jolie weighed less than her teenage daughter. The magazine then reported that Jolie weighed 73 pounds. And more recently, the publication alleges that Jolie’s children are urging her to gain weight. Obviously, Star’s The history of aggressive body-laming makes this impossible to believe.

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