Rumor has it that Meghan Merkel, Prince Harry is supposedly asking the Royals to take them.

Is Meghan Merkel And Prince Harry Asking the royal family to return to their fold? A tabloid claims that the Duke and Duchess used Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee “to sue them”. Here is the latest gossip about Sussex.

Meghan Merkel, is Harry requesting ‘take us back’?

This week’s edition They In the report, Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry relinquished their royal responsibilities and began to regret their choice to live independently in the United States. “Harry wants to rebuild his relationship with his family,” said an intern. “As she sees it, life is too short, especially to cope with the aging of her beloved grandmother.” Sources said that Harry and Merkel have become homicides due to roadblocks in their streaming deal. “She still prefers to be in the United States,” Tipster said. “But it wasn’t a cakewalk.”

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So, according to the article, Harry has made sure to use his time in England to build bridges between himself and the rest of his family. Snitch reveals that Harry set up a zoom call with Prince William and Kate Middleton, which was quickly followed by personal play dates between their children. Overall, however, sources say that Sussex was grateful for a return to royal life, albeit only temporarily. “They will not miss it for the world,” concludes internally.

Sussex’s Jubilee Visit Spell ‘The End of Megoxit’?

This report is incredibly thin and we have no reason to buy it. First, there are no credible reports of Harry and William meeting during the jubilee celebrations. As far as we know, the brothers have never crossed paths. But, if they interact in any way, we are sure that this rage will not be the first to know about it.

Moreover, we are not buying this highly absurd description that Harry is secretly dissatisfied with the state. We have told this Sussex story countless times and this revival is no longer credible. Moreover, the Sussex seem to have returned to their California lives unharmed, and we have no reason to believe that they are scratching to escape. In fact, recent photos of Harry show him exploding at a polo game not far from his Santa Barbara home.

More Sussex nonsense from tabloids

Of course, we were skeptical of going into this story given immediately Star’s Sussex’s past coverage. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Harry and Merkel as “bosses from hell.” The magazine then claims that Prince William excluded Sussex from celebrating the royal jubilee against the Queen’s wishes. And recently, the publication alleges that Merkel is claiming to take part in every conversation Harry had with the royal family. Obviously, They There are no spies hiding in social circles in Sussex.

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