Rumor has it that NBC is apparently replacing Matt Lauer by promoting the iconic host.

Is NBC thinking of bringing some star power to the void? Matt Lauer Leave it behind? A tabloid claims that the network is looking for a favorite host to join the morning show. Here’s what we know.

NBC hires new ‘brick boy’ to save ‘Today’?

This week, National Investigator Reports are going crazy for NBC Access Hollywood The host is Mario Lopez, and they are trying their best to bring him Today. The Bell saved The actor recently taped Access Outside Today Headquarters, and sources say it’s the Lopez and NBC Bigwigs Today There was a match made in heaven. “Mario is the new ‘it’ boy on NBC,” an interior food.

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“Moving Access Going to New York for a week may be the best event of his career. And Tipster added that Lopez is a welcome bright spot Today, Which is still struggling to replace the disgraced anchor Matt Lauer. “He’s not only great on camera, he’s also a gentleman off camera,” the source added. “It simply came to our notice then Today Show. “

Is Mario Lopez going to ‘Today’?

We have no reason to believe that Mario Lopez is joining Today. First, Lopetegui’s career does not seem to be lacking in any way. The Access Hosted by host Today For an interview while he was in New York, and in the studio, Lopez talked about how he was constantly busy with different projects.

When he is not hosting Access, Lopez has been seen hosting two of her radio shows or starring in a lifetime movie here and there. And as Lopez explains, her family often helps her host her shows and they can even play small roles in her films. So he joined to uproot his own life Today There is a lot to be done – he will be far from a lateral step.

But on the other side of the coin, we can’t see why NBC would scratch him Today. Lauer left the show in 2017, and the program seems to have recovered from his expulsion. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; So, despite the outlet’s claim, Today No need to save.

More ‘today’ gossip from tabloids

This is far from the first time we’ve covered National Investigator To spread misinformation about Today Exhibition Earlier this year, the outlet reported that Savannah Guthrie was in control Today With an iron fist, the magazine then claims that Guthrie was in conflict with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager. And more recently, the publication has complained that Guthrie is removing Kotab from the show. Apparently, the Investigator There are no spies hiding around the NBC headquarters.

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