Rumor has it that Nguyen Stephanie has just rejoined The Voice.

Is Gwen Stefani Hiding the secret purpose of signing in its latest season Voice? A tabloid claims that the singer actually boarded the ship to save his sunken marriage with a colleague. Voice Coach Blake Shelton. Here’s what we know.

Why is Gwen Stephanie returning to The Voice?

Latest version National Investigator Report Gwen Stefani has big plans for the latest season Voice. According to the article, Stephanie wants to return to her chair at the show to give her career and marriage to Blake Shelton a much-needed impetus. “America sees Blake on TV every week, while Gwen is tired of playing supportive brides at home,” reveals a snitch.

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Sources spread that Stephanie hoped the show’s decision to reduce the season to one season would mean she would have more time with her husband. “But then Blake announced that he wanted to do a concert tour, and when Nguyen suggested a joint tour, he shot him because he was afraid their audience wouldn’t match,” said Tipster Dish. So, Stephanie signed up to be a coach with her missing husband. “That way,” the source explained, “he could return to the spotlight and spend more time with Blake.”

Nguyen Stephanie’s marriage is struggling with Shelton?

After looking at the claims of the outlet, we did not find a piece of supporting evidence. First, Gwen is far from Stephanie’s career struggle. She’s releasing new music, she’s constantly promoting her makeup line, and she’s performed to a huge crowd at the Hollywood Bowl. Shelton even performed a few songs with her at the event. This whole story of Stephanie staying home while Shelton is getting all the attention is absolutely false.

Besides, Shelton and Stephanie still get to see each other a lot. In fact, the country’s singer couldn’t express his excitement about his wife during a recent interview. “I hope everyone gets a chance to meet and talk to Gwen Stefani at some point in their lives because you’re just going to be a good person for it, the only way I know how to say it,” Shelton said. “He’s just a magical person to be around. He’s really one of a kind and I… that’s another of those things. How could you even dream? You know what And it happened. “

And the couple’s new favorite thing to do together is gardening. When an interviewer asked Shelton if Stephanie would like to farm with him on their Oklahoma farm, she replied: “Gwen is absolutely involved… it’s time to plant flowers. And Nguyen doesn’t settle for this small area around the sidewalk. We are talking about fields, acres of flowers. So I quit my job for me. “

The Tabloid on Blake Shelton and Nguyen Stephanie

Of course, there are no surprises coming from this story National Investigator. Earlier this year, the outlet reported that Stephanie was excited to learn that Shelton wanted to travel with his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert. The magazine then claimed that the couple was fighting a “complete nightmare” on their Oklahoma farm. And most recently, the publication complained that Stephanie and Shelton are living separate lives. Apparently, the Investigator Shelton and Stephanie aren’t really spies in social circles.

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