Rumor has it that Portia de Rossi is instructing Ellen DeGeneres to ‘get help’

Is Portia de Rossi Urge Ellen DeGeneres Seek professional help? A report says the upcoming end Ellen That means their marriage is worse than before. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Ellen at the end of her rope!’

Per Globe, The designers are not taking the end of his talk show well at all. According to an insider, Portia de Rossi and other close confidantes feel that she desperately needs help. They explain that an Amy Snab caused more heartache by not being nominated for an Outstanding Entertainment talk show during her farewell season. “It’s a slap in the face … She’s angry and promises to take revenge one day, and Portia is upset,” says Snitch.

Another source said DeGeneres was “tired and lazy” because of his “increased anxiety.” Portia de Rossi apparently feared enough for his wife that he wanted to seek professional help from DeGeneres. They conclude, “Hopefully Ellen listened to Portia, especially since their marriage didn’t go well.”

How is Ellen DeGeneres doing?

In a recent interview Auxiliary printing press, Designers has spoken brilliantly about what he has achieved in his career. She is proud to be a successful TV host who is a married lesbian. But it means something, and I’m proud of it. I’m really grateful for that. “

In the same interview, DeGeneres gave a glimpse of his plans after the show ended. De Rossi is gifting him a trip to Rwanda to the now-defunct Ellen DeGeneres Campus for the Diane Fossi Gorilla Fund. This is De Rossi’s way of helping designers.

He is pro therapy

For the record, therapy is not a bad thing or an attack. DeGeneres himself had been in therapy before. When he came out in the 1990s, he faced relentless beatings and the drying up of career opportunities. He said Good housekeeping: “I left LA, went into a severe depression, started seeing a therapist, and for the first time in my life I had to take antidepressants … it was scary and lonely.” With that in mind, it’s not that therapy isn’t something against which this story is meant.

After all, real friends don’t talk to tabloids. De Rossi is certainly not talking to the tabloids, so how can these sources get this information? There is no soul in DeGeneres’ life that would take enough care of him to recommend professional help and then turn around and blab it on this heartless rage.

Other bogus gossip

Last year, d Globe DeGeneres claims Hollywood is leaving forever. He is still there to finish his show and is working as a producer on many more. It also once attacked the personal hygiene of the designers. This outlet has no depth to hang. This is not a valid news source.

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