Rumor has it that Sharon Stone is supposedly fighting to get a date after the shock breakup

Is Sharon Stone Trying to break back into the dating scene? Claimed a tabloid Basic instinct The actress is trying to get back there after her last relationship breakdown. Here’s the latest gossip about Stone’s love life.

Sharon Stone dropped after ‘Date from Hell’?

This week, New ideas Reportedly Sharon Stone has recently been dumped after a catastrophic date. According to the article, Stone’s latest fling has thrown him into the dust for being “too full”. Although Stone initially came across as devastatingly beautiful and naughty smart, sources say she’s “too intense”, which could be off for potential suitors. But insiders insisted Stone did not understand what the problem was. “He didn’t understand why anyone would throw Sharon Stone,” Tipster concluded.

Is Sharon Stone too ‘intense’ to catch a date?

Sharon Stone is not chasing any man and she is certainly not desperate for a date. Back to a 2020 presence Drew Barrymore’s show, Stone says he’s dating. When Barrymore asked him why, Stone responded strongly. “Because I just think people are innocent and I don’t value my time. I enjoy my time alone and my time with my kids and friends, ”Stone admits.

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The actress went on to say: “I don’t think I need any more children, I don’t want any ungratefulness and bologna and game planning. I don’t know how to say it politically correct I don’t think men are in the same place now. I have really good male friends, but I feel that when it comes to emotional maturity in a relationship, men and women are in seemingly different places. “

And Stone seems to have kept his word. The actress has not been associated with anyone since 2018 and it is clear that she is not hitting for it. Her career seems to be booming lately, and she’s at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

It is clear that there was no truth in the shallow, insulting report of the outlet. If Stone wants to date, we’re sure he won’t have any problems. But, according to the actress herself, men are not worthy of annoyance.

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If you are still thinking New ideas There was something here, it’s worth looking at the outlet’s recent report. Earlier this month, the magazine published a suspicious report claiming that Kim Kardashian had planned to run away with Pete Davidson at a secret event in Australia. The tabloid then accused Shiloh Jolie-Pitt of rebelling against her mother, Angelina. And more recently, the publication reported that Chris Hemsworth needed his wife’s permission to film a nude scene. Thor: Love and Thunder. Clearly, New ideas Reporting should always be taken with a grain of salt.

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