Rumor has it that Tiger Woods presumably told friends he could no longer play golf

There is Tiger Woods‘Is the dream of returning to golf shattered? A tabloid claims that the athlete’s recent car accident has left him unable to compete in the sport that made him famous. Here’s what we know.

‘Game over’ for Tiger Woods?

This week’s edition National Investigator Reportedly Tiger Woods is personally telling his inner circle that his career is over. The pro-golfer was seriously injured in his car accident in February 2021 and sources say he has not yet fully recovered. “She is in constant pain,” one insider admitted. “He doesn’t think he can walk the golf course anymore. Tiger is suffering and suffering from a crisis of confidence. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself again. “

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The outlet certainly refers to Woods’ recent performance in the PGA Championship – which he withdrew after tying for last place in the third round. The magazine consulted with a physician who had not treated Woods for his expert opinion on the athlete’s recovery. “It’s incredibly unlikely that he could return to top-level golf competition,” the doctor noted. “Both bones of his lower leg were broken in the accident, forcing him to insert a rod. Her damaged joints will probably never heal. “

Tiger Woods ‘calls it a career’?

This painful report is completely false. Tiger Woods may not be playing as well as he used to, but he is far from throwing a towel. In his announcement about sitting out of the US Open, he said he was still planning to play in the Open Championship in St. Andrews, Ireland, next month.

Either the magazine didn’t get this bit of information in its random research effort, or, worse, decided to omit it altogether to confuse readers.

But it’s worth noting how serious Woods’ injuries were. Woods was reportedly a candidate for amputation of his injured right leg after the accident. Sports analysts say that it is a miracle that he can walk only if he competes professionally.

Fans were particularly surprised after a picture of Woods without a sleeve spread. As the picture shows, the injury and subsequent operation permanently changed the shape of his right leg.

So, we are particularly sure that the “interior” of this tabloid was not at all close to Woods. True friends will celebrate Woods’ perseverance, not questioning the future of his career.

Tabloid on Tiger Woods

The National InvestigatorWoods’ past reporting is absolutely reprehensible. Shortly after the fatal car crash near him, the magazine reported that Woods had suffered brain damage and was in danger of losing his luck. The magazine then claims that Woods was stingy and would probably never golf again. And most surprisingly, the publication complained that Woods was on a “slippery slope” for re-infection after his injury. We know better than to believe anything Investigator Said about pro golfer.

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