Rumors have it that Tom Cruise was apparently caught flirting with a co-star

Is Tom Cruise Lust for another co-star? A report says that he is constantly flirting with the Academy Award winner. Gossip Cop Investigates

Tom Cruise caught ‘Storm flirting up!’

According to Women’s DayCruz is falling in love with her Top gun: Maverick Co-star Jennifer Connelly. They are presumably caught flirting on their press tour, and now she’s doing a bad crush nursing. One of the onlookers said he was seen entering the red carpet. “They only had eyes for each other.”

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At the Cannes Film Festival, the insider said, “They joined the buttocks… and who can blame Tom? Jennifer never looked good! ” Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. The Hellboy The star was nowhere to be found at its London premiere Top gun: Maverick, But he showed up in Chicago. He recently mentioned Connelly on social media, so it looks like there could be a problem for Cruz.

Despite her seemingly happy marriage, insiders question why Betany did not attend the premiere. “You think he wanted to attend all of his wife’s premieres, especially at one of their home grounds, but he was nowhere to be seen,” a source said. Despite the rumors, Connelly continues to post sweet pictures of herself and Betani on social media.

What’s going on with Jennifer Connelly?

This tabloid story may whiplash some of the readers. It’s like Women’s Day In the first half, Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly wrote about flirting, realizing that Connelly needed to be better examined. The last half has been spent trying to clear the mountains of evidence that Paul Betany and Connelly are still in love.

This article debunks itself. As Women’s Day Of note, Connelly posted an intimate photo of herself with Bethany on her brand new Instagram.

Compare Cruz with her picture, and it’s not hard to see who is a colleague and who is the love of her life. Cruz and Connelly Chami, but nothing romantic is happening.

We will also lay down the idea that Betany will not attend the premiere of Connelly. Top gun: Maverick There have been many premieres. Betany made a point of attending the premiere closest to home in San Diego. The two also have residences in New York and Vermont, but not in London, as the tabloids claim. Women’s Day Can’t even get his basic information directly.

Creamy Cruise Gossip

Last year, this tabloid claimed that Cruz’s career was fading. Top gun: Maverick There was a huge hit, so the story looks ridiculous in the background. It has been announced that Cruz is dating Sophia Butella, but she is not. We have also published his story about Cruz’s belief in Scientology which is why he lacks love. He has been married several times within the organization and the doors of Scientology are famously closed for the press. Cruz and Connelly are friends in a hit movie, but they are not in love.

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