Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Holy Grail’ hair tool helps prevent breakage

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Very few women are more stylistically iconic Sarah Jessica Parker And Jennifer Aniston. The two actresses have cemented their place in the beauty and fashion canon in small part for their mutual hair stylist Chris Macmillan.

Parker recently shared a tool designed for him by Macmillan, who was behind the iconic 90’s “Rachel” haircut and today’s Aniston Beach blonde locks. Calling it a “holy grail” tool, SJP’s brilliant ode caught our eye.

Because, really, he’s right. These tools help to prevent breakage by going to look fantastic in the process, an unknown hero in the world of hair care.

‘Holy Grail of Hair Pin’

Parker kept his recent Instagram post short, sweet and to the point. It features a large silver hairpin (also called a hairpin) on a white radiator. “Eligible [the MOMA]”The actress wrote.” Praise for its design, simplicity, functionality and relevance. The Holy Grail of Hair Pins. X, SJ. “

Of course, Parker’s scream-out also included Chris Macmillan, the designer (or, very rarely, the gifted) of the hairpin guess. We’re not sure about the exact details, but we speculate that this hairpin may have something to do with Parker and husband Matthew Broderick’s current Broadway show. Plaza suite.

But you don’t have to be a star on Broadway to use these innovative tools In fact, if you have long or thick hair, you should probably use one now.

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Keep hair tidy without breaking

It is fairly common knowledge that prolonged use of tight hair ties will damage the hair (even the hair of A-list celebrities like Jennifer Garner). But without just wearing down the hair, there don’t seem to be many common options.

The hairpin completely eliminates the need for elastic. Like a large sized bobby pin, these tools hold and secure your hair all day without adding tension and pressure to your locks. These hairpins from the Crystal Store seem to match Parker’s “Holy Grail” pin the most.

These minimal pins are available in four neutral colors: light silver, dark silver, gold and bronze. Match your hair color for a smooth look, or decorate it with a contrasting shade. The metal pins are about 4 inches long, making them ideal for short or thin hair.

Cage your hair tie bracelet

When I wore elastic, I wore them Continuous. If they weren’t in my hair, they were on my wrist. Brand new haircuts not only stopped my circulation and left me with sore, ugly wrist rings, but they didn’t look good either …

With a tool like this hammered nickel silver pin from Silver Dawn Jewelry, you no longer have to wear your hand hair accessories. This customizable length hairpin is easy to wrap around buns, chickens and French twists.

Thanks to the gentle hold of this hair fork, you don’t have to worry about getting your hair down half the day because your scalp is shaking. You can wear your hair until you are ready to change the style, as long as the pain forces you to do it.

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Change your style

In addition to protecting your hair from further damage and breakage, hairspray is a fresh alternative to your normal hair tools. Although they may seem complicated at first, the hairpins are incredibly straightforward and versatile accessories.

My favorite haircut tutorial by Love4Nails. Her clear explanations and visuals helped to make the haircut process mysterious and enabled me to wrap and twist in no time.

This helpful tutorial has inspired me to invest in a decorative wooden hairstyle. I especially like the soft, botanical features of these personalized hairpins in Handsland. These decorative accessories have four available resin properties that add a pop color and whimsy to your everyday low bun.

If anyone specializes in fictional, iconic hair, it will be Sarah Jessica Parker. And based on her recommendations, I feel excited to start incorporating these useful tools into my regular hair routine – goodbye broken; Hello, beautiful, healthy tresses.

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