Savannah Guthrie fans are worried about running Instagram photos

Today Host Savannah Guthrie Some fans were concerned after he posted a picture of himself and fellow anchor Hoda Kotab Wearing some sized heels while running through Rockefeller Plaza. Guthrie has had some health concerns over the past few months, including a COVID-19 diagnosis and a spring foot injury. Another morning news host recently hit her in the leg, perhaps the fans were right to be worried.

Savannah Guthrie wearing high heels all smiles

Savannah Guthrie wore a pair of akashi-high heels during a recent episode Today The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however, when NBC star Anchor co-star Hoda Cotb looked great, some fans couldn’t help but worry about her. Guthrie was wearing a sleeveless black blouse and a floral patterned skirt and looked attractive with a coat, who wore an adorable pink pantsuit despite being hot.

The Guthrie pair captioned the photo, “We’re running through this Tuesday.” In the first of two photos posted by Guthrie, Cotb extended it a bit for the camera, breaking an exaggerated jug that blew her hair like a supermodel on the runway. Guthrie was a little more patient, but he probably had to stay in those sky-high heels!

‘Today’ anchors on the move

Already a tall woman, Guthrie has a rough tower above the coat in these photos, although both women are wearing heels. Strappy shoes had a heeled heel that probably gave Guthrie a little more stability than Cotab’s Pointer heel, but it was the height that stunned us and some fans warned him to be careful.

One fan wrote in the comments section, “Please don’t fall,” another suggested, “They need a golf cart so you don’t have to run.” Another Sojasapta, wrote, “Running [heels] Not good for ankles and knees. Please be more careful. ” There is little cause for concern among fans. Towards the end of March, Guthrie organized his segment Today Show wearing slippers due to sprained toes.

While some were concerned about Guthrie’s safety in those shoes, others first praised her for wearing them. “Oh Savannah how are you doing in those shoes ?! He is a champion! ” One fan wrote. Another commented, “It takes skill in shoes!”

We’re glad to see that Guthrie has recovered well enough to fight his covid as well as sprain his ankle to get out on the streets of Manhattan again. Hopefully, he cares to keep himself safe because we just got him back.

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