Savannah Guthrie’s ‘Today’ has an emotional reunion

Show today Anchor Savannah Guthrie Her life was hit while reporting from the plaza. When you’re a TV experience like Guthrie, it’s hard to put an over on you, but the people on the popular morning news program were able to push him into his life by hiding a familiar face in the crowd. This was probably quite a welcome surprise for Guthrie, who has been the victim of criticism Johnny Depp Fans in his recent interview Amber Hard.

Savannah Guthrie shocked on live TV

Savannah Guthrie had no idea what she had when she reported from Plaza during a recent show. Today. With the first day of summer fast approaching, the long-running morning news program wanted to celebrate the spirit of reunion.

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, people are increasingly coming out and reconnecting with those they haven’t seen since the epidemic began. Guthrie was the first Today The star came face to face with an explosion from her past, but she was not the only one.

A familiar face in the crowd

Guthrie couldn’t help but notice that a group of people were holding the flag of his alma mater, the University of Arizona. As he walked closer, a woman began to jump up and down with her arms outstretched, not an uncommon occurrence in the plaza. Guthrie had to take a few double-take before the woman clicked: he recognized her, although he hadn’t seen her in person in years.

It was Melissa Manas, his best friend in college, and Guthrie was shocked to see that the stock was fixed for a few seconds with her hands over her face before the naturally irresistible anchor recovered. Guthrie hugged Manas and said, “Melissa, I can’t believe it! I’m surprised! ”

Shortly after Weatherman Al Rocker ran to his old mentor, Hoda Cotbo also reunited with a college friend. The ongoing coronavirus epidemic was a heartbreaking section and a beautiful sight after so many years of separating friends and family. Guthrie was especially pleased to see himself enjoying himself after receiving an online reception in recent days following an interview with Amber Hard.

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Guthrie has already faced significant criticism from fans of actor Johnny Depp on social media for his previous interview with Hard’s lawyer. The excitement did not abate when Guthrie sat down with Hard to discuss the outcome of the case.

See an excerpt from the interview below

“It simply came to our notice then. The important thing that can be done is what a waste of air time; I don’t know, maybe like the economy. I didn’t see it, “wrote an Instagram user in a clip of his interview with Hard, which Guthrie shared on social media. In another post, featuring a clip of an interview, one person wrote, “I hope for better. The Today show! ”

The Amber Hard / Johnny Depp defamation case is certainly a sensitive, controversial issue. Although a jury ruled in her favor, Hard was ordered to pay her ex-husband some 8 million in damages, her lawyer said. Aquaman The actress will be unable to give it. Discussions are still going on behind the scenes, so there will undoubtedly be more updates on this case that has gripped the nation.

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