‘Scandal’ star Kerry Washington is why his colleagues were ‘angry’ at him

Ellen DeGeneres Closing his long talk show, and Kerry Washington A famous face who stopped for the last episode. While the actress was there, she shared some secrets about her time on the popular TV show Scandal.

Washington recalls a question from Ellen that “annoyed” her co-stars

Washington and DeGeneres are reminiscent of the actress’ past appearances on the soon-to-be-finished show, from playing silly games to being the victim of a talk show host’s famous scary prank. They started talking then ScandalDeGeneres noted that it has been ten years since the show premiered.

“I got into a lot of trouble here because you asked me who I would better kiss on the show between two male leads,” Washington recalls. “And I said – I thought I was keeping the peace – saying, ‘I don’t like kissing one of them.’ But they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. [They were] For example, ‘Why would you say that on national television?’

“You could go the other way and say, ‘I like to kiss them both equally,'” DeGeneres noted. Washington replied, “Who says? No. “The studio audience laughed with the actress before DeGeneres pressed for more details.” There’s definitely a good kiss. Who is it? Now that the show is over, “he asked. Washington imitates zipping his lips when viewers start to crack up.

How the ‘scandal’ affected real life in Washington

Washington began acting in 1994, as seen in hit movies Save the last dance, Mr. and Mrs. SmithAnd Django free. However, he did not become a household name until he starred in the hit ABC drama Scandal.

Washington plays Olivia Pope, a crisis manager in Washington, D.C. who deals with high-profile clients and has an on-off relationship with the president of the United States. In addition to making her a star, Washington told Designers that playing Olivia Pope encouraged her to become interested in real-life politics and activism.

“The idea was that people would tell me, whenever something tragic happened in politics, people would say, ‘Olivia Pope, you have to fix it!'” Washington explained. “And I was, you know? Real people have a lot more power than Olivia Pope because Olivia Pope is not real.”

“He can’t vote and he can’t volunteer and he can’t really change his community, so [I’m] You’re trying to make people in your community, your family, your neighborhood, Olivia Pope. And that’s what inspired me, “said Washington Scandal The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however, and the show continues to impress fans today.

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