See Bob Barker speechless left struggling ‘price right’ contestant

Many people dream of getting a chance to compete in their favorite game show, coming up with a plan of how they will win the game and take home the big prizes. But one’s video The price is right The contestant shows that not everyone is ready for the opportunity.

Scattered performances of victory during ‘Ten Chance’

The show’s host, Bob Barker, called a woman named Joy to the front, and she seemed excited to participate. He showed her the prizes as the studio audience cheered. Barker then brings Joy to a board to play “Ten Chances.”

In “Ten Chance” the contestant is given three numbers; In terms of wins, it was 8, 5, and 0. He then had to use two numbers to estimate the price of the item. He wrote 50, but Barker told him to try again. As the name of the game suggests, it has ten chances to get the right price for three items.

Joy writes 58, then fixes with 80, which gives him a new toaster. At the moment, he has seven chances left. He is then given four numbers —3, 0, 8, and 5 — and must use three of them to estimate the price of the set of luggage.

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The contestant writes 850, then 853, but writes immediately. As he hesitates, Barker says, “Go, win, go, you’ll lose your turn.” Joy tries 805, then 583. On chance number seven, he fixes with 580.

Barker snaps ‘You can’t do this!’

This leaves her three chances to win a new car. The win is numbered 3, 1, 0, 2, and 9 and the value must be estimated using five of the numbers shown. Joy writes 19, but then hesitates. Barker says impatiently, “What is nineteen thousand, Joy?”

He then writes another one, but writes it down because, as Barker mentioned, “you used one twice. You can’t do it.” Joy adds 30 to 19, but then writes it down. Instead of writing a new number, he rewrites only 1,930 on the card – using only four of the five numbers.

“Number five,” Barker reminds him. Joy then tackled 2 at the end, making it 19,302. That’s not the right answer, and you hear Barker start to get frustrated with the contestant because he says, “Come on, now, come on! You’ll lose your turn if you don’t write.”

Bizarre twist

Oddly enough, Joy continues to use the number eight guess to write 19, 213 more than once. He goes back and forth from thirteen thousand to nineteen thousand and uses it more than once for each of his corrections.

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“You used one twice, Joy!” Barker snaps at the card. “Do you want to write? Do you want to write nineteen thousand? Write it down. “Then he goes through the rest of the numbers that he can use. His guess is wrong, and he has the ultimate chance of winning the car.

In another weird turn, Joy won the car in his last guess: 21,390. Barker, apparently annoyed with the scattered win, sits on the edge of the stage “incredible.” I can’t believe it, “the audience cheered. Joy’s scattered work The price is right Wanabe Game Show shows contestants that even the worst performance can get you big prizes!

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