Sharon Osborne feels ‘sorry’ for Prince Harry following Platinum Jubilee

Prince Harry Home after a busy week of platinum jubilee celebrations. Sharon Osborne Have mercy on him. Here’s what the often-controversial Brits have to say.

Poor Prince Harry

Fox News brought together two friends and former mainstream anchors Osborne and Pierce Morgan to discuss the Platinum Jubilee. The former Talk The host did not diminish the words when he discussed the celebration. He felt that the occasion of joy must have forced Harry and Megan Merkel to reconsider their decision.

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“The royal family has always been like a Shakespearean drama to me. You have to tell me when I saw them [Harry and Meghan] Before… I felt sorry for them. And the way they were separated from their families, “said Osborne. Harry and Meghan were verbally abused during an appearance and were not allowed on the porch of Buckingham Palace.

Osborne continued, “I’m sorry for that [Prince Harry] Because I think a huge part of it must be regretting. ” He felt that Harry might regret not knowing that his children would not grow up with their cousins: “When they have no cousins, aunts, uncles, it will affect you.”

How do Sussex feel?

Only Harry and Merkel know the truth in their hearts. That being said, Osborne’s comments are a bit of a misrepresentation of their role in the jubilee. Harry didn’t want to go to the balcony at first. The royal insiders believed that staying away from the spotlight was partly his idea. You really can’t be left out when you take steps not to get actively involved.

Sussex has a relationship with their extended family. Harry and William’s relationship is melting somewhat, with weekly facetime calls helping to bridge the gap between them. We also know that Harry is very close to Princess Eugene. The two took part in the Super Bowl together this year. No one would expect Osborne to keep this information confidential, but the reality of the situation does not support his thesis.

Sharon Osborne is free to guess

Osborne deserves his opinion, and he is probably right. Perhaps Harry and Merkel have seen British soldiers pay homage to Elizabeth with the pain of remorse in their hearts. Or maybe they just thanked their lucky stars and saw that they were able to get out of Britain when they did. At least Osborne’s comments came from a place of sympathy, not pure hatred. Considering Pierce Morgan sitting next to her, it’s a shock to her own.

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