Shulet is the latest take on the mullet

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How many repetitions of random mullets can there be? We’re not sure yet, but hairstylists are churning them out Hot on wolf cut and octopus cut heels, “Shalet” is the newest trending hairstyle of 2022.

What is a shullet you ask? Well, when a wolf-cut combines a shag, bob and mullet, the shawl simply mixes the shag and the classic mullet. It’s a little more dramatic than cutting an octopus on the fly and a little less dramatic than cutting a choppy wolf. It is a happy medium for those who want a sharp (ish) look. The cut has plenty of rod length, short fringe, and a full framing layer of face without mullet.

How to style a smooth chalet

Richard Manna, world-renowned hair stylist and shawlist is awesome, sharing how he styled a new cut shawl on Instagram. For a smoother look, she uses Joico products. He first applied Joico Luster Lock to model hair to lock in moisture and add protection to the styling process. Then, he adds Joico Power Whip to his damp hair. This mousse helps control heat and humidity even in summer.

For more volume and texture, he uses the Joico Joifull Styler. Then, Joico Body Shake was added for texture, without glue or firmness. And finally, Joico Rise Up was sprayed on the roots for lift and body.

In the end, the style is smooth, chic and completely modern. She also used a hair dryer and curling wand to complete the chalet look.

How to style a wavy chalet

It’s time to lean towards naturally wavy or curly hair. For a wavy shullet, add the product before styling. You can air dry for a more natural look, or use a hair dryer for more put-together situations.

Using a diffuser with your hair dryer will spray any fridge. Also, applying products like Avada Carl Enhancer, Canara Carl Defining Cream, and / or Biolase Styling Finishing Spritz will add texture, brightness and bounce to your beautiful new ‘Doo’. The tousled look will give the “Cool Girl” vibe without too much effort, as well as the hairstyles aren’t as awkward as the pixie cut or bob.

For those whose hair is thick, layers and thinning will help in the heat of summer. And for those whose hair is low density, this style adds texture and imitation volume. A style for really all hair types. Compared to other trend styles it is fun, chic and less maintenance. We’re here for it.

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