Sketchy gossip claims that Jennifer Aniston will apparently not even meet Courtney

Is Jennifer Aniston Is his new obsession undermining his social life? A tabloid claims Aniston is ignoring Courtney Cox And Ridge WitherspoonHere’s a recent gossip about Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston is developing fitness ‘obsession’?

This week, Globe In the report, Jennifer Aniston is so obsessed with her fitness regime that she ignores her friends and quits dating. According to the article, Aniston even avoided hitting his friends Courtney Cox and Reese Witherspoon at the gym. “He’s as tough as training someone for the Olympics,” one snitch whispered.

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“She and Courtney used to stick together, but they don’t see each other very much these days. Reese and Jane invite Jane to their dinner party, but she refuses because she has better things – like yoga and pilates.”

But sources say Aniston’s love of fitness also has a very purposeful business angle. “She is as lean and muscular as she was 12 years ago,” the insider said, adding that she has a shady side contract to work as an executive for an unknown health care company. “It puts Jane in a fitness game with people like The Rock and Chris Hemsworth and it’s a new spin for her celebrity.”

Jennifer Aniston on ‘Freaky’ Fitness Stage?

This “interior” obviously doesn’t know Jennifer Aniston very well. First, Aniston was an advocate for working and eating clean throughout his career. For decades, fans have followed his lead on how to stay healthy, but now he seems to be finally cashing in on it. Although the article explicitly states that its source has blown the lid off Aniston’s health-supplement agreement, the information has been public for some time.

Fans of Aniston already know that he is the chief creative officer of wellness brand Vital Protein, and he recently collaborated with the company to launch a line of protein bars. It is not that he has made a shady deal for hawk products which he does not believe He literally had a hand in making these food bars

And fans shouldn’t be afraid – Aniston has plenty of time to spend with his friends. In an interview with Dr. Harper’s Market Published this week, Aniston mentions how he skipped his workout because Courtney Cox and Lisa Cudrow ended up at his house the night before.

“I don’t work today, which I usually do,” Aniston began. “But Lisa and Courtney came last night, so we were gabbing until late. So I allowed myself a little extra sleep. And you have to listen to your body. ” Murder Mystery 2 The star then explains how important it is to forgive yourself for avoiding a workout here and there. So, obviously, Aniston doesn’t have an unhealthy fitness obsession.

The Tabloid on Jennifer Aniston

No wonder coming from this story Globe. Not too long ago, the outlet reported that Aniston was joining Scientology. The magazine then claims that Aniston is giving up alcohol to reunite with Brad Pitt. And then the publication complained that Pete was building a “love home” for Aniston in Missouri. Clearly, Aniston’s true friends would never go anywhere near that Globe.

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