Sketchy rumors claim that Carol Burnett’s friends are worried about her

Is Carol Burnett Death? A suspicious story tells that he is in doubtful health. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Carol Burnett’s Last Curtain Call’

According to Earth, Barnett is in poor condition and his final screen may be near the faucet. She looked like a skeleton during a recent outing with her husband Brian Miller. A source said, “Carol is still hanging out there but rarely leaves home except for special occasions, so it’s a complete production.”

Still very proud, Barnett tries not to complain about her much pain and suffering. Friends think he’s in more pain than he’s been in. A source said, “He walks very slowly and needs help to sit up and come back and it takes a long time to make some decisions.” Miller had a great presence in his life during these twilight years, especially after several tragedies in Barnett’s life.

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With multiple divorces, the death of his daughter Carrie and drug addiction, it was not an easy life. One source concludes, “Carol was a real soldier … the fear is that he’s slipping down and catching everything.”

Too many irrelevant details

The divorces mentioned in this story occurred in 1962 and 1984 Carrie Hamilton died tragically in 2002 of complications from lung cancer. Although these incidents were certainly heartbreaking, they also happened long ago There is no reason to raise it now, except to kick Barnett for some reason.

Putting aside decades-old stories, the only reason this story exists is that Barnett showed up on a recent trip with a “skeleton.” That’s incredibly rude for starters. That should be sufficient enough to dispel this ridiculous story.

Earlier this week, Barnett appeared at the AFI Life Achievement Awards in honor of Julie Andrews. She looks like Carol Burnett, a little bigger. He is still working. Barnett will work with Kristen Wigg on the Apple Series Mrs. American Pie. If Barnett was sick, nothing would have happened.

In the Great Company

Like many other lazy tabloids, Globe Often announcing the untimely death of celebrities. Barnett joined fellow enlightened people such as Robert Wagner, Bob Barker and Cher in the execution. Once you reach a certain age, all the tabloids can sit around and think about when death is coming.

Gossip Cop Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth have also blown up this outlet for their death story, yet they are still alive. It’s just a trap and nothing more. Barnett is doing well.

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