Sketchy rumors claim that Tom Cruise apparently wants to get Haley Atwell back

Is Tom Cruise Running back to an old flame? Claimed a tabloid Top gun: Maverick The star was rejected by a lead actress, who forced her to swallow her pride and return to her ex. Let’s take a closer look at this startling rumor.

Tom Cruise revives past romance?

This week, National Investigator Reportedly, Tom Cruise’s love life has taken an unfortunate turn, and his friends are apparently urging him to give her another chance at a romance with Haley Atwell. Cruz and Atwell initially hit it off on its set Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part OneSparking instant dating rumors. But the alleged romance between the co-stars has turned into a fiasco. “They didn’t break up with anything,” an insider admitted. “He wasn’t ready for anything serious then, and he respected his wishes.”

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But sources say Cruz was looking at a new woman: Lady Gaga. Cruz met Gaga when he recorded the theme Top gun: Maverick, And, according to the article, the actor was smitten. But sources say Gaga rejected Cruz, throwing him into the dust. And now, Cruz’s inner circle is clearly pushing him to give things another chance with Atwell. “Tom is definitely on the market for a new girlfriend, and he’s wise enough to set someone up if he’s super-expert,” Tipster spread. “But everyone is crossing their fingers and toes that she and Hailey can give it another go.”

What’s up with Tom Cruise’s love life?

After looking at the tabloid claims, what we found was holes. First, Tom Cruise and Hailey Atwell never confirmed their relationship. While they were spending quite a bit of time there for a moment, there was definitely no spell of romance about their public interaction. We never completely ruled out the possibility that they were just friends.

For the Lady Gaga part of the story, we can’t help but find it a bit funny. Cruz was certainly excited about Gaga, and the musician even posted a picture of her and Cruz kissing each other on the cheek. All we can say is that Cruz is now a big fan of Gaga. But we have no reason to believe that she ever followed him romantically.

But here’s the twist of the story: After months of radio silence over her rumored romance with Tom Cruise, Hailey Atwell resurfaced. Top gun: Maverick The premiere makes us wonder why the tabloid didn’t bother to mention this part because it certainly makes his story more believable. But it only shows that the outlet has not done its research.

So, are Cruz and Atwell dating? We don’t really know. Since divorcing Katie Holmes in 2012, Cruz has kept the details of her love life close to Cuff. And for that reason, we are extremely skeptical of any outlet that claims to know anything about the actor’s love life.

Tabloid on Tom Cruise

And, of course, National InvestigatorTom Cruise’s past reports certainly do not help the cause. Last year, the outlet published a bizarre report claiming that Cruz was desperate to recover top-secret “Scientology Communications” after his car was stolen. The magazine then claims that Haley Atwell was eating cruise stress after she was dropped off. And the publication claims in a completely separate report that Lady Gaga rejected Cruz. Apparently, the Investigator We want to go to the last place for the actual update about the actor.

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