Sketchy rumors say that Jennifer Lopez presumably forced Ben Affleck to leave

Is Jennifer Lopez Saying Fool How to dress? A tabloid claimed that the actress had taken Affleck’s clothes in a bulldozer as soon as he entered.

Jennifer Lopez ‘Ben A Makeover’?

This week, Women’s Day In the report, Jennifer Lopez gives Ben Affleck a whole new look. Although in the past the actor’s signature style included an uncut beard and faded sweat, sources said that Lopez gave his fiance a complete makeover when they left together. “Jane has dropped at least four-fifths of her clothes,” an insider revealed.

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“She does the same thing with all her men but insists she’s not controlling it. She’s obsessed with men’s clothing, just as much as women, and let’s face it, Ben isn’t known for his Debonair street style. De-scraping Ben was a bit stagnant! ”

But Tipster said Affleck wasn’t complaining. “He enjoys it somehow,” the source insisted. “She knows she’ll need a little refreshment anyway চোখে in her eyes, she can’t do anything wrong and she goes with what she says. He is absolutely bewildered. “

Jennifer Lopez dedicates ‘de-scraping’ to Ben?

This is one of the times where we do not agree What? The tabloid says, but we are definitely not buying Where Got the story from it. Let’s explain. Of course, there is a noticeable difference between Affleck’s style before and after his reunion with Lopez. So, all of a sudden why is she wearing such a gorgeous dress? Well, perhaps the scenario is that she is following the lead of her endless fashionable fiance, Jennifer Lopez. This is a completely logical conclusion to draw from the information we have, but it is far from a verifiable fact.

The problem is that the outlet is pretending to get this information from some anonymous source close to Affleck and Lopez. We strongly suspect that Affleck and Lopez are in contact with this disrespectful tabloid. Affleck and Lopez have worked hard to protect their privacy since their reunion last year.

“You can speculate about it, but one of the hardest lessons I’ve learned is that it’s not wise to share everything with the world,” Affleck said back in December. “There are some things that are personal and intimate and have meaning in terms of their intimacy that are not shared with the rest of the world.”

It doesn’t matter if Lopez just inspired her or if she chooses her clothes for him. The newlyweds seem happier than ever, and such stories are as offensive as they are meaningless.

Tabloids on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Some of us have a hard time believing Women’s Day Writes about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Earlier this year, the outlet claimed that Affleck had warned one of Lopez’s co-stars to “stay away” from him. The magazine then claims that Lopez avoided the premiere of Affleck’s movie to avoid seeing one of his co-stars. And more recently, the publication has complained that Lopez is secretly arguing with Michael Bubble. Obviously, Women’s Day Affleck or Lopez Concern is nowhere near as reliable.

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