Sketchy source claims that Ben Affleck is fighting Jennifer Lopez

Is Fool And Jennifer Lopez Disagree in their new home? A tabloid claims that Affleck and Lopez cannot agree on where they want to be. Let’s take a look at the couple’s home-hunting efforts.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck ‘The Palace Problem’?

This week’s edition National Investigator The report says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s different lifestyles began to clash as they searched for a new home. Although the A-listers have no objection to the money, sources say Lopez wants to get bigger while Affleck is begging to keep things modest. “Of course money is not a problem. The problem is Jane wants a palace and Ben wants a house! An internal disclosure. “Ben is a Dunkin ‘Donut type guy. He doesn’t need six kitchens.

J.Lo is bothering Affleck with the claim?

This report is very thin, but, nevertheless, the symptoms indicate that it is completely false We’ll acknowledge a few points: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are hunting for houses, and they’ve been taking their time since they pulled out of the $ 55 million Bell-Air Mansion deal in April. So, they are struggling to find a place that would not be a big deal to say that every box is checked.

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But according to recent events, the couple may have found their dream home. Last week, Lopez’s car was spotted on a huge Beverly Hills estate. Although the house was never publicly listed on the market, Lopez’s visit was followed by a moving truck. Afterwards, visitors see moving trucks at the homes of both Lopez and Affleck. The purchase is far from certain, but it is certainly a strong lead when investigating the couple’s home search.

So, what does this new house look like? Is it a castle, or a house suitable for “Dunkin ‘Donut type people”? Okay, we have to say it’s more like Buckingham Palace than any bachelor pad. The new estate is larger than the home Lopez and Affleck almost bought, and is valued at উত্ত 60 million in the North. Of course, it could turn out that this was a huge misunderstanding and Lilis They are not fixed yet. But, given this close-call with Mega-Mansion, we’re assuming Affleck doesn’t have a problem with big living.

Tabloids on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

While this report will never turn it into a reputable magazine, we would expect nothing less. National Investigator. In December, the outlet claimed that Lopez had forced Affleck to pay for everything in order to exact revenge on her for their first breakup. Rag then claims that Lopez is taking his mother home with Affleck. And more recently, the publication complained that Lopez was contacting Jennifer Garner to set up a “face-to-face” about their different styles of parenting. Apparently, the Investigator Lopez and Affleck are concerned that this is not a reliable source

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