Sketchy source says Robert Wagner is apparently ‘sorry’ for Natalie

It is death Natalie Wood Chat Robert Wagner? A tabloid has claimed that the veteran actor is tormented by guilt over the mysterious death of his late wife. Let’s check on this NCIS Star

Natalie Wood ‘Still Hunts Wiful Wagner’?

Latest version National Investigator Robert Wagner reported “embarrassed to show his face in Hollywood.” According to the article, Wagner is still struggling with Natalie Wood’s mysterious passage. The body of the iconic actress was found after a night boating with her husband Wagner on the island of Catalina in 1981. Intelligence Co-star Christopher Walken.

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An investigation into his death was reopened in 2011 in the name of a man of Wagner’s interest. But after the cause of his death changed from accidental drowning to drowning and other unspecified causes, the case is reported to have cooled down again. And now that the last member of the LA County Sheriff’s Department who was present during the preliminary investigation has retired, Wagner has effectively been cleared.

But sources say Wagner’s reputation has never been restored, despite evidence that he was convicted. An insider concluded, “RJ has rarely been burned at the stake for pointing fingers and asking questions in public.

Rejected by Robert Wagner Hollywood?

The tabloids love drama, and there are more exciting things than the mysterious death of a Hollywood icon. People are still fascinated by Natalie Wood’s mystery and her tragic passage, so it’s no surprise that this part of history remains one of the most important parts of Robert Wagner’s universal identity. But to say that his reputation and career are completely ruined is a complete lie.

First, we should mention that Wagner was never charged with anything related to Wood’s death. Although he was briefly named as a person of interest, that meant only one stage, investigators believed he had information that could help them in their investigation. He was never named as a suspect, and because of this, as far as investigators know, there was no crime related to Wood’s death. Wagner is an innocent man in the eyes of the law.

And its ability to work consistently has been reflected. Despite the outlet story, Wagner never became a Hollywood pariah. Since his first role in 1950, Wagner has never been seen in more than a year or two – except for the Covid-19 epidemic – without a significant role in any TV show or movie. All this talk of Wood being “haunted” by her memory is just a melodrama for the sake of tabloid readers. Wagner has moved on with his life, so this magazine should do the same.

Tabloids on Robert Wagner

This is not the first time we’ve fielded such a report about Robert Wagner. Earlier this year, The Globe Wagner reportedly was in his “last days of grief” and was haunted by Natalie Wood’s death. Then National Investigator Wagner claims to have “faded quickly” at the age of 91. Clearly, these outlets have nothing to offer about Wagner’s personal life.

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