Snag Sunday Citizen’s Cooling Loungewear for 20% discount on this Memorial Day

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Although I can relax in my lounge, I hope It is Working hard can make my favorite comfortable clothes warm and comfortable enough while still cool and breathable. It can’t have any uncomfortable elastic cut on my waist or back.

And comfortable with the love of everything, I don’t want to spend my whole day feeding with strap adjustment, shorts hiking, or waistband. We don’t have to work hard for lounge, do we?

I think so of course — and Sunday Citizen did when it created the revolutionary butter model line of loungewear. Butter Modal Fabric is a feather blend of modal, acrylic and spandex. As the name suggests, it is also smooth to the touch.

In fact, it’s so light and silky soft that it almost feels like you’re walking around naked. Enjoy incredible comfort with Sunday Citizen’s irresistible cozy lounge (without drafts or, you know, complaints of public indecency).

Comfortable, as well as cool, And Silky soft, I want my lounge to be as versatile as possible. I want to be able to get things done fast without looking like that on the way to a sleeping party.

So, the first Sunday Citizen piece that caught my attention was this windy boat neck tee. The neckline of the boat is wide enough to be comfortable but not so wide that it will fall off your shoulders all day long. Also, the three-quarter sleeves run in that fine line between very hot and very cold.

Of course, r The best Part of this is its versatility. It looks (and feels) amazing with leggings, biker shorts and sweat when I’m around the house. But I can also pull it up in a pair of high-waisted jeans or pop it in a blazer for a neat, polished look.

For maximum comfort, you can pair your boat neck tee with a pair of butter model jugs. These loose-fitting pants have a soft, stretched waistband. There are no waistbands, so you don’t have to worry about knot feeding — or worse, accidentally losing the string during washing.

The straight-leg silhouette gives this ultra-comfortable loungewear a sophisticated, modern look. In addition, the snug ankle cuffs make these pants great for exercise, yoga or chasing kids around the house. And when you think it can’t get any better — these jaggers have pockets too.

Whether you’re going full-on couch potatoes or knocking out a to-do list using your day off, these joggers will keep you comfortable and cool while doing it. These chic joggers are the closest you can get to walking in public without pants.

Butter Modal Rob

$ 115.00

Buy now

Light, airy, and comfortable

• ruched back details

Cinched waist tie

Feature pocket

• 83.6% modal, 10.7% acrylic, 5.7% spandex

Comfortable and chic loungewear is nice, but sometimes, it is better to enjoy the worn out, unpleasant comfort. The Sunday Citizen ended the idea with its silky smooth butter modal Rob.

This is not your average, heavy terry cloth dress. Sunday Citizen’s hilarious outfit includes backpacks, waistbands and pockets. Its long sleeves and calf length keep you comfortable as you get out of bed. Meanwhile, the luxurious feel of the butter model fabric will make you feel confident and glamorous, ready to take the day off.

With free shipping and returns, you can’t go wrong

Sunday Citizens Loungeware may be a bit more expensive than the PJs you choose at your local Walmart, but because they Good. This high quality lounge is durable. Ultimately, its durability, versatility and extraordinary feel make it a must-have investment.

Also, Sunday Citizen offers free shipping and free returns for 90 days after purchase. So, you have plenty of time to put on your loungewear All Necessary tests. Wear it while running, sleep in it all night or try it in hot and cold temperatures.

If you do not like it at all, you can return the prepaid shipping label sent by Citizen Email on Sunday without any hassle. But trust me – once you try this feather light, battery smooth lounge, you won’t want to take it off.

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