Snatch a pair of $ 100 Italian designer earrings for less than 25

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As a General Xer who went to college in the late 1990’s, I still have vintage J.Crew clothing in my closet. True story. J.Crew was my go-to for versatile summer fashion সব everything from cute dresses and T-shirts to flip flops and swimwear. More than two decades later, J.Crew is now my favorite $ 100 Italian designer earrings for less than 25.

The designer looks at a fraction of the price

If you’re looking for a stunning, well-crafted piece of jewelry that will add some “pop” to any outfit, you’ll want to check out J.Crew’s line of Italian mixed acetate pieces of handicrafts. Specifically, its made-in-Italy blended acetate hoop earrings, which come in a “unique and eye-catching color scheme”.

Now available in Mountain White, Dry Blossom, Multi-Color and Retro Blue, these elegant one-size-fits-all hoops are 32mm in diameter and made of polyresin and surgical steel. Normally, they retail for $ 98, but at the moment, these designer hoop earrings are selling for less than $ 25! More than 80 percent discount!

They are versatile as glamorous

What really makes these earrings great is their versatility. Neutral colors will go with just about any outfit. And, as one reviewer noted, they “make a tasteful statement” whether you pair them with summer attire for a night out or with shorts and sandals at your child’s Little League game.

If you have long hair, you may want to pull it back so that you can really show off this earring. If you have short hair then these hoops will be suitable for any face shape or cut.

“Bought 2 colors from the Acetate collection made in Italy and came back to buy 3 more items. They are all well made and look like expensive pieces, ”wrote a satisfied customer.

Another shared, “Love them! Personally they’re good enough to be noticed, and in Zoom they’re fine enough to get attention. I’m looking for excuses to wear them as much as I can!”

That reviewer made a great point about wanting you to wear these earrings as much as possible and I can totally relate. These mixed acetate hoops are so wearable that at this price, I’m considering buying multiple colors so I can have a pair ready for each occasion.

And, since they are so well made, I probably still have them in my jewelry box two decades from now. That’s exactly how I roll when it comes to J.Crew.

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