Snooki SLAMS Jersey Shore Spinoffs: MTV is exploiting me!

In 2009, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, the Feast-Pumping Party attacked a group of animals and breathed new life into an earlier iconic basic cable network.

Thirteen years later, MTV has decided to try and recreate the original success Jersey Shore With many spinoff projects that have original title and original base piggyback.

In a presentation to advertisers on Wednesday, it announced two new shows:

Buckhead Shore Georgia Lakehouse will focus on a group of roommates, Jersey Shore 2.0Which “tells the history of a new generation of share house roommates hitting the same famous beaches and boardwalks along the Atlantic.” [as the original] To create new memories throughout the summer. “

Jersey Shore Cast 2020

But if the network execs think they can count on the support of the original Gang of Guido, another thing is coming their way.

There is no bigger star in the Shore universe than Nicole “Snooky” Polyzy, and the TV icon has made it very clear that she and her customers will not support this new iteration. Cool.

On Thursday, Snooky tweeted, “As a cast to take advantage of the network if necessary, we put our weakest moments to watch the world on TV.”

Snooky tweets

“We’ve given our all in the last 13 years, become a family and continue to open our lives to the world,” he added.

“So please understand that we are not in favor of a version that will use our hard work and honesty to get our original show, the audience.

“Don’t forget to tune in to a new season for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” he concluded, referring to the show that still has the original cast, “Snooky concluded.

He added the hashtag “#WeAreJerseyShore”.

Snooky with wine

MTV has not yet responded to the criticism, but the network is eagerly promoting its two planned spinoffs.

“They’ve traded plump pouts for spray tan and their puffs for UV rays, but when things get hot in Jersey, the noise is still a place to make memories all summer long,” read a press release about Shore 2.0.

Another statement from the network explains that another series, Buckhead Shore, “will make a name for itself in the southern Beverly Hills.”

Snooki response

Snooks and company were largely silent when MTV tried to capitalize on their success with the pseudo-spinoff Floribama Shore.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but many believe that its lack of success has diminished the strength of the Jersey Shore brand.

We’re sure Snooki doesn’t have any bad intentions towards newcomers to the mantle on the shore, but his objection to the spinoff makes perfect sense.

Jersey Shore Cast in Las Vegas

For one thing, he and his compatriots have spent most of their adult lives building a franchise, and they probably don’t like the idea of ​​handing it over to a bunch of untested people who can break the whole thing down with a single instance of cancellation. Behavior

On top of that, the original show cast is still filming new episodes, and the show is one of MTV’s most popular series.

In the eyes of Snooki and company, the network is fixing something that hasn’t been broken – and they can pay a hefty price for it.

Snooky shop

Snooky left Cool Before, and we’re sure he’s willing to do it again.

We will have more updates on this evolving story as more information becomes available.

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